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2022 Ninja Challenge League – Vic Qualifier #2

clem swings into an Ninja Challenge League course completion and qualification

Qualifying For Ninja Challenge League 2022

The 2022 Ninja Challenge League Victorian Qualifier Round 2 was an arm burner, to say the least. The event, sponsored by OziGrip, took place at the Compound Training in Bayswater, Victoria on June 12th, 2022. 

Clem Vertigan and his team put together a solid Ninja course of 8 gruelling obstacles. Starting on a rope swing, Ninjas were sent down some shrinking steps and onto the Quintuple Steps. Upside down Bosu balls followed that into a row of Balance Beams, including a Tilting Balance Beam, to really test your balance before the grip dominated obstacles.

Off the balance and around some orange cones to run back and start the Laches. Two bar catches and then a Lache to a set of rings, then straight into the Spider Wall. Complete that and Ninjas are onto the Dungeon, a static vertical peg arrangement hanging from the timber panels. A quick hug of the scaffold got you bonus admiration from James Sayers and then onto the Swinging Cliff Hangers.

If Ninjas were still holding on, they could proceed to the Slingshot. A tough obstacle that took out a number of Ninjas on its first appearance on Australian Ninja Warrior in Season 4. If there was any left in their tank, Ninjas tackled the final obstacle for the NCL course, the Invisible Ladder.

tilting balance beam at local ninja warrior competition

Standouts & Surprises - NCL Victorian Round 2

Alright people, let’s start with the biggest surprise of the day, Daniel Mason.  On the third obstacle, the Barefoot Ninja came unstuck. A slight stumble meant he grabbed the tilting balance beam with his hands and his run was over. We could blame this on the ruling that states shoes must be worn at all NCL events, or maybe something else was on Dan’s mind but in reality, that’s just all a part of competing in Ninja Warrior.

A big standout for the day was the only female Ninja, Mireille Mimi Goyette. Mimi proved, obstacle after obstacle, the growing strength amongst the female Ninjas. Making it all the way to the Slingshot, Goyette competed super well and placed 9th overall.

The second standout for the day would have to be Compound owner, Clem Vertigan. The Grandfather of Ninja Warrior in Australia, Vertigan finished the course comfortably in 5th place, seemingly with gas still left in the tank. Clem was stoked with his performance since a couple of injuries over the past few years hindered his performances.

Even without any previous injuries, this Ninja course was brutal and only 6 Ninjas managed to finish. Matt Marazita and Steve Taylor-Madin just missing the buzzer after failing to scale the Invisible Ladder.

2022 NCL Top Ninjas of Round 2

When all was over, we had our podium. With most excellent performances by all Ninjas, it was a fairly close battle to stand up there at the end. Obviously being the only female Ninja on the day meant Mimi stood on all three places and got first choice of the OziGrips prizes given to both first & second place in mens & womens.

In the men’s category, and proving that including kids as young as 16 in Australian Ninja Warrior this year was a good decision, Luke Schmitzer took the top spot. Luke effortlessly flew through the tough course beating some well seasons Ninjas to stand at the top. Not too far behind was fan favourites Jake Baker in second and Fred Dorrington in third place.

When's the next NCL Round?

Jump over to the Official Ninja Challenge League website for more information but the next Victorian round in August 14th at The Compound Training again.

2022 Ninja Challenge Results - Victorian Round #2

  1. Luke Schmitzer
  2. Jake Baker
  3. Fred Dorrington
  4. Troy Cullen
  5. Clem Vertigan
  6. Steve Axis
  7. Matthew Marazita
  8. Steve Taylor-Madin
  9. Mireille Mimi Goyette
  10. Daniel Smith
  11. Darren Baker
  12. Mark Ravi
  13. Anthony Beadel
  14. Benjamin Hunt
  15. Jack Kamp
  16. Lochie Lydom
  17. Daniel Mason
  18. Alex Izadi
  19. Kadeem Aarons

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