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2022 Ninja Warrior In Melbourne’s Fighting Lyons Ninja Gym

ninja warrior in melbourne - Antonia Ferrante

2022 Ninja Warrior in Melbourne is looking solid

2022 Ninja Warrior in Melbourne just got a whole bunch better. Fighting Lyons, one of the premiere ninja gyms in Melbourne announced this month that they’re hosting the Ultimate Ninja competition for both adults & juniors.

With Australian Ninja Warrior inviting kids as young as 16 now, the Fighting Lyons Ultimate Ninja adult division also allows competitors 16 and older. The Juniors are aged between 4-15.

This post however is about the first in the 11 round ninja competition series. 

Fighting Lyons Presents: Ultimate Ninja, Round 1

Michael Mischefski knows how to design a ninja warrior course. He sees the world differently to most and this translates to the obstacles he sets for the Fighting Lyons comps. They’re challenging but somehow gives almost everyone a fighting chance to do well.

Starting off with the rumbling dice on two of the slipperiest pipes ever, then straight onto a pipe slider. Before you’ve touched the ground, hopefully, competitors grab two meat hooks then swing and lache your way to vertical door knobs. That’s the first section done.

Trampoline to tyre, tyre to wing nut, wing nut to bar, bar to bananas. Fairly quick, simple and flowy for some but for others can be quite testing as the precision needed is high.

This is where things get real tricky. But on paper, it should be the easy, relaxed section. Starting with the quintuple steps then transitioning to a couple of timber off cuts. This was a tricky obstacle and shaky legs don’t help here. Moving along to a series of steel & plastic pipes to walk across or roll along. Over the course of the Ultimate Ninja round one, I think there were two, maybe three athletes to successfully complete this obstacle.

Moving along, low hanging rings with small moveable cannonballs were next. This was difficult enough but being so close to the ground made it extra tough. This was followed by a cliff-hanger lache that only one athlete, course designer Michael Mischefski, completed.

The course finished with the obvious warped wall.

2022 Ninja Warrior In Melbourne: Results

A few hours later, we have some results.

The Fighting Lyons Ultimate Ninja Female: Round 1

  1. Antonia Ferrante
  2. Taylah Philippidis
  3. Caitlin Mrnjavac
  4. Ally Buhagiar

The Fighting Lyons Ultimate Ninja Male: Round 1

  1. Michael Mischefski
  2. Ash Campbell
  3. Lochie Lydom
  4. Kadeem Aarons
  5. Darren Baker
  6. Jack Kamp
  7. Rick Portelli
  8. Brodie Peace
  9. Steve Taylor-Madin
  10. Christian Salerno
  11. Tory Piperno

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