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About us

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Monkey Steve

Husband, Dad, Monkey & LBR Owner

Live Breathe Ride is COMMUNITY

The sole intention of Live Breathe Ride (LBR) is to help build & showcase local communities.

Each month we head out to different businesses to make new connections and via sharing their stories, help you find new adventures to enjoy.

With a health, well-being and movement focus, we strive to enrich the communities we find (or help build) and aim to give back as much as possible. 

We help you grow through sharing knowledge, both from our own experience and the great minds of those we meet.

People say that we're a little Unique

We approach business with you in mind. People before profits, every time!

Our Story

LBR began as a hashtag when I had a bicycle store that resonated with a huge audience. From there, once I'd moved on from that business, a good friend prompted me to reignite that flame.

Initially, my direction was around mental health and a challenge to go a year without alcohol. This will still have a big part of what we do.

Since then Live Breathe Ride continues to evolve and grow. As small businesses are taking a huge blow right now, I saw a need to help and I know I have the tools to do it.
chatting about my mental health

Why Choose Us

Every dollar made here at Live Breathe Ride goes towards improving lives within the community. Whether through helping host events, profits going back to businesses and our Local Support Program or simply through random acts of kindness in the community.

We're here for you. We're here to help small business. Live Breathe Ride is here for the community.

About Our Mental Health Blogs

May you find one thing here that helps improve your life.

Mental Health & Me

It often feels like I’ve been on this journey forever and that it will never end. A number of years ago, I learned that writing my thoughts helped my progression. Furthermore, publishing my words for my friends to see made an even bigger difference both for myself and those reading. Soon my words progressed from Facebook to blog posts on my old bike shops website and monthly newsletters. People responded well and many more conversations sparked.

The expedition for inner peace discovered with great certainty that it would not be a singular piece of advice nor activity that could create a powerful mind. Instead, it would come from a combination of many ingredients. A thirst for knowledge, experience and community became my life.
Riding the Warburton Trail
mental health - KAWS exhibition Melbourne
But, like shooting an photograph, there needs to be empty space. A chance to step back, regroup and breathe. Let’s not forget being active, physical and moving my body was crucial in bringing it all together.
Live.Breathe.Ride. was created soon thereafter.

It’s worth noting, I do not have a background in mental health. The stories on our website are experiences from either myself or people telling their own views. If you’re unsure of your own path or how our stories relate, please seek out professionals to help guide you. Thank you.