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Amateur BMX Comp at Rampfest Skate Park, Melbourne

The Amateur BMX Comp at Rampfest kicked off day 2 of the AusCycling BMX Freestyle Championships.

Day one was already massive but the Amateur BMX Comp was the precursor to an absolute cracking second day.

Starting of with the junior BMX riders, the youngsters, the next generation of flip-whip’ers. Kids, with YouTube how-to’s at their fingertips, put on an absolute clinic of skills some of us only dream of.


From there it was onto the Amateur BMX Comp. 

The amateurs are far beyond amateur it’s not funny. These young riders are on the edge of full blown comp-winning riding with levels so high it’s hard to distinguish them from the pros.

We made a heck of a lot of photographs on day two, 300 of which are presented to you below.

Notes on using these images

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