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Ashlin Herbert

Ashlin Herbert, otherwise known as Flashlin‘, is a 27 year old carpenter from Melbourne.  Ashlin has competed in every season of Australian Ninja Warrior and has built a reputation for being one of the quickest to tackle the course. 
Barely taking a moment to look at each obstacle, Ashlin floats through them like it’s nothing at all. Very few obstacles have tripped him up.

Ninja Warrior - Ashlin Herbert

The Stats

27 years old
Competed in all 4 seasons

Ashlin Merch

Ashlin Herbert & his Australian Ninja Warrior Runs

Watch Ashlin Herbert’s Australian Ninja Warrior heat runs below.

Starting with Season 1, 2017

Ashlin Herbert’s Season 2 run on Australian Ninja Warrior

Ashlin Herbert, otherwise known as Flashlin, hit season 3 of Australian Ninja Warrior in 2018.

Furtherest, fastest and up the Mega Wall for $5000. Boom

And last year, as the uncertainty of the lockdown drama loomed, Ash hit the 2020 Australian Ninja Warrior course. 

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