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Australian Ninja Warrior Photos: Australia Ninja Games 2018

Australian Ninja Warrior Photos: Loki climbs a rope at a australian Ninja comp

Australian Ninja Warrior photos - LiveBreatheRide

Australian Ninja Warrior photos is a big part of LiveBreatheRide. Join us over the next few weeks as we take trips down memory lane and revisit local & national ninja warrior competitions. This is where we’re sharing our favourite Australia ninja warrior photos.

In 2018, Ninja was new & exciting. We could easily travel the country and compete against the best ninjas Australia had to offer. The Australia Ninja Games were hosted at the big new indoor Compound facility and had a huge turn out. Almost every state was represented and it was one of the biggest and best multi-stage local ninja comps we’d seen. Take a stroll down memory lane today and let us know which ones are your favourite.

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