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Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers 2022

australian ninja warrior record breakers 2022

Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers 2022

The Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers episode is always a treat. It’s kinda got the same vibe as a Friday night down at The Compound in Bayswater. Basically everyone gets together, sets up some dumb stuff and challenges each other to see who can push their limits that farthest. I mean, what more could you ask for, right?

Max Salmon Ladder for Time

Underneath the infamous Mt Midoriyama, Australian Ninja Warrior built a 35 rung Salmon Ladder. Then they chose four contestants to race to the top, Daniel Mason, Fred Dorrington, Saxon Johnstone and 2021 and 2022 winner, Zak Stolz.

Fred was up first and, after a couple of early slips, was looking really good. At rung 29 though, the left side missed and he was done. Then Daniel Mason was up next and was moving smooth and fast. Eagle-eyed spectators may have noticed the bar was creeping to the right and even though he corrected it a couple of times, eventually this lead to Dan falling off at rung 17.

After Fred and Dan was Saxon Johnstone. Saxon competed well in the Salmon Ladder race at the State Vs State competition a couple of months back so I had high hopes for him.

And rightfully so! Saxon made it all the way to the top and finished with a time of 43 seconds. Not a record by any means but had him in line to win the $15,000. But next up was last year’s Salmon Ladder winner, Zak Stolz. Zak had talked about the risk of doing double Salmon Ladder moves and after two single moves, went for his first double. It didn’t go to plan and Zak was out, handing the win to young gun, Saxon Johnstone. 

World's Longest Lache - Australian Ninja Warrior 2022

The world’s longest lache is actually held on a bar to bar set up, not the Flying Shelf Grab so that makes this challenge even more wild!

Competing was Zak Stolz, Ashlin Herbert, Ben Polson and David Lack. 

Starting at 4.25 meters, Ninjas took their turn. All but one made the huge lache with David Lack not quite getting there. Ben Polson spooked on the next distance and couldn’t recover. This lache is one of those things where every needs to line up perfectly and on the backswing, Polson’s grip moved and put him off. He tried to reset but the mental damage was done and on his next swing, he couldn’t quite get the catch.

Now it was Zak vs Ashlin. Having both equalling Zak’s World Record that he set last year, and then both beating it at 4.6m, it was now onto a bigger distance. The goal was now to fly 4.7 metres between two small Australian Ninja Warrior Shelf Grabs.

Zak has done it. Four point seven meters. Ridiculous! We got a quick glimpse of Zak’s hands and saw that the World Record flight tore his hand which I’m sure was playing in the mind of Ashlin as he took to the stage. Getting fingertips to the Shelf Grab but not quite holding on may have been a move to save himself for further challenges but either way it was a monster effort by all involved.

Head to Head Races.

This isn’t a World record but this is where we want to see Daniel Mason and Ashlin Herbert race, on the Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers episode.

Ninjas going head to head on the Spring Forward obstacle was a real treat and something I’d love to see more of. (but perhaps not in real season knockout rounds, lol)

Head to Head

Jake Baker vs Ashlin Herbert
Winner: Ashlin

Judith Carroll Vs Mat Hutchins-Read
Winner: Mat

Dan Waterman vs Daniel Mason
Winner: Daniel Mason

Ben Polson vs Saxon Johnstone
Winner: Ben Polson

Round Two

Ben Polson vs Flashlin
Winner: Flashlin

Mat Hutchins-Read vs Dan Mason
Winner: Dan Mason


Daniel Mason vs Ashlin Herbert

and by a whisker, Daniel Mason took the win!

Where do the top ninjas train?

Melbourne's Compound Training

You may have seen the Compound Training feature in a lot of the background footage on Australian Ninja Warrior. Find out more

The Biggest Warped Wall Ever

Starting at 5.3metre, this Warped Wall is almost a full meter taller than the standard show Warped Wall.

Battling it out with the Warped Wall we have;

Ben Polson
Bryson Klein
Sam Goodall
Steve Manassah

First to fail was Sam Goodall at 5.3 meters, then Steve at 5.55 meters. Then it was head to head with Bryson Klein vs Ben Polson.
At a whopping 5.8 metres, Bryson slipped and missed the grab but on his attempt, Polson got the huge climb and took the win, equalling his previous record.

But it wouldn’t be a Record Breakers episode if we didn’t go taller, right?

At 5.9 meters, the wall was set for Ben Polson alone. Five point nine meters. This is insane! But Ben, the tall critter he is, barely broke a sweat scaling this massive Warped Wall and we had a new World Record.

And that is it!
That is the end of Australian Ninja Warrior Season 6.

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