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Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers Episode!

Australian ninja warrior Record Breakers

The Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breakers episode has by far been the hardest to write about. I think it’s for a few reasons. One, this signifies the end of Australian Ninja Warrior on our TV this year and two, mostly because my jaw is still on the floor. What a display of absolute weaponry.

The Record Breakers episode was stacked full of Australia’s best Ninja Warrior athletes battling it out to win $15,000 on five different obstacles. With the World Records as the goal, athletes attempted; 

Australian Ninja Warrior Record Breaker Obstacles

  • Maximum salmon ladder runs (furthest fastest)
  • Head to Head sprint
  • Shelf Grab Lache for distance
  • Head to Head Ferris Wheel race
  • Tallest Warped Wall

Breakin' Records

Max Effort Salmon Ladder - Australian Ninja Warrior 2021

In ninja gyms around Australia, the max effort salmon ladder has been a staple strength test for many. We’ve not had a 35 rung, Mt Midoriyama height salmon ladder though; it’s always had to be a combination of up moves then back down. When Australian Ninja Warrior announce this battle was up first I was excited, to say the least.

5 ninjas gave this a crack, Olivia Vivian, Charlie Robbins, Daniel Mason, Ashlin Herbert & Season 5 winner, Zak Stolz. Olivia was up first and put up a great fight. in just 1 minute 30, Vivian climbed 21 rungs. A dead hang for that long would be a challenge for a lot of people. 21 pull-ups in that time would be even harder for some. But 21 salmon ladder moves is nothing to sneeze at.

Then we had the boys. Charlie ran up to tackle the ladder first and pulled out 24 rungs in just 16 seconds but with speed comes mistakes and was soon falling. Dan Mason did marginally better with 28 rungs in 27 seconds putting him in the lead. Then Ashlin. In four moves, Ashlin had climbed 8 rungs. Skipping rungs and climbing super fast meant the slightest of errors had him too falling from the ladder. But still, 8 rungs in 4 seconds is pretty good, I suppose!

Zak Stolz climbed the ladder next and knew that all he needed to do was climb more rungs than Daniel Mason. in 32 seconds, Zak climbed & climbed until he reached the top. 35 full rungs with only a small mistake on the last move. Able to fix it and cleanly hit all 35 rungs, Zak Stolz takes home the $15k

Zak Stolz: Salmon Ladder

Ninja vs Ninja Sprint

Most of the time in Ninja, you race against the course and the clock. Ninja vs Ninja is something else and brings a whole new level of pressure & excitement. The ninja vs ninja races push you to the limit, bringing more fun, rivalry & forcing errors you’d not normally make.

On Australian Ninja Warrior, ninja go head to head along small, varying size steps towards a rope where they swing out then back along the steps, up another rope to the buzzer above. Knockout rounds mean only the winner proceeds so to win $15,000, the pressure is on.

Round One

Jack Wilson vs Rob Patterson
Winner: Jack Wilson

Stewart Furze vs Eloni Vunakece 
Winner: Eloni Vunakece 

Olivia Vivian vs Ben Polson
Winner: Olivia Vivian

Daniel Mason vs Ashlin Herbert
Winner: Ashlin Herbert

Round Two

Jack Wilson vs Eloni Vunakece
Winner: Jack Wilson

Ashlin Herbert vs Olivia Vivian
Winner: Ashlin Herbert

Ninja vs Ninja Final

Jack Wilson vs Ashlin Herbert
Winner: Ashlin Herbert

Olivia Vivian
Ben Polson

Australian Ninja Warrior Record: Longest Lache

So, this is just incredible. Ok, so launching yourself over 4 & a half metres is unreal by itself but to do it on a tiny ledge and catch an equally tiny shelf is bloody ridiculous. Well, for most of us it’s ridiculous. Our top ninja warriors however don’t see it that way.

The two biggest highlights of the lache contest were Jordy Papandrea’s flip out and Ashlin’s calmness when flying mid air. At 4 metres, Papandrea looked solid but on the shelf grab just could quite control the speed upon landing. This sent his body into a spin. Like an actual spin, completing a full flip and a half of full cream dairy back splat into the water!

Ashlin on the other hand made no such splash. Pocketing himself another $15k, Ashlin was the only to successfully make the 4.5m shelf grab lache. When asked by Rebecca Maddern if he’d like to try for the record, Ash calmly said, “yeah, alright.” Unfortunately, although he got his fingertips to the ledge, it wasn’t enough to stick the landing and so the record wasn’t broken.

Jordy Papandrea's Flip Out on Australian Ninja Warrior

Ninjas Race on the Ferris Wheel

On the Ferris Wheel, a large rotating wheel with swinging cliffhanger type ledges, the female ninjas raced head to head to reach a buzzer at the top of a pole climb.

Returning for this race was the first female to scale the warped wall in Australian Ninja Warrior, Andrea Hah. Andrea, her partner & brother-in-law impressed a lot of people in early seasons of ANW so it was awesome to see Andrea back for more.

First Round

Andrea Hah vs Celeste Dixon
AnWinner: Andrea Hah

Olivia Vivian vs Judith Carroll
Winner: Olivia Vivian

Final Round

Olivia Vivian vs Andrea Hah
Winner: Olivia Vivian

Andrea Hah returns for the Record Breakers spercial

How big is the Warped Wall on Australia Ninja Warrior?

The Warped Wall on Australian Ninja Warrior is normally 4.25 metres. This year for Season 5, the extended it to 4.35m. But this is not the normal season; this is the Record Breakers episode where they push the limits of what’s possible. 

Starting this test at 4.8m, the crew got smaller and smaller as the wall grew bigger & bigger. It started with Josh O’Sullivan, Charlie Robbins, Sam Goodall, Jake Baker & Ben Polson. Jake was the first to falter as he missed the massive 4.8m wall. At 5.3m, Charlie was out and in the following round at 5.55, Sam Goodall checked out, unable to get it done.

Now set at 5.8 metres, on his second attempt, Josh O’Sullivan made history as the first ninja to scale a 5.8m Warped Wall in the world. Inspired by Josh, Ben Polson was now up and on his first attempt, Joined O’Sullivan in scaling the massive wall. Unfortunately that was the best we could get from the two monster athletes. That makes me sound like I’m upset. Not at all. Sharing their title as the only two ninjas – and the first in the world – to climb a massive 5.8 metre warped wall is bloody brilliant.

Record Breaking Warped Wall

Final words about our small Australian Ninja Warrior reports.

So there you have it. This concludes Australian Ninja Warrior in 2021. If you’ve liked our write ups, reports & full results, please let us know. We hope you feel inspired by our athletes, motivated to get up, outside and stronger than yesterday. 

Also, to all those good people who’ve supported our athletes by purchasing one of their t-shirts or singlets, a MASSIVE THANK YOU on behalf of the ninjas. Your support goes a long way to help promote and expand the sport of Ninja Warrior and beyond.

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