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Australian Ninja Warrior Results & Report: This is Only Heat 2?

These are the Australian Ninja Warrior results from Season 5, Heat 2. Yeah, heat two and it’s a hot one! Episode 2 came through with the goods including the fierce yet friendly rivalry between two of our favourite ninjas, Ashlin Herbert & Daniel Mason, some massive upsets that no one expected, real close calls and like every episode, some bloody inspiring people! Let’s dive in!

The Heat 2 Ninja Warrior Course

  • Shrinking Steps
  • Big Dipper to Rope Slider
  • Cyclone Spinner

Then, new for Season 5, The Decision Maker

Route A:

  • Peg Board
  • Bar Hop

Route B:

  • Weight For It
  • Beehive

Then up bigger 4.35m Warped Wall and HIT THE BUZZER

Let's get into the Australian Ninja Warrior Results & Report

1st on the course, Graeme Miles

A typical Aussie bloke, Graeme Miles was up first. Graeme looked fast & comfortable on the Shrinking Steps but interestingly opted for the double overhand grip on the Big Dipper. The double overhand grip feels more natural but when there’s a risk of the bar spinning in your hands. A mixed grip – where one hand faces towards you & one faces away – is generally safer as it almost completely eliminates the chance the bar will spin out of your hand. Miles still managed but slipped off the next obstacle, the Cyclone Spinner.

  • Sarah Blackmore – Incredible upset, falling off the shrinking steps.
  • Andrew Luo – Failed: Weight For It on the B course

Russell Morris brings the Glitter

This episodes sparkle came from Russell Morris. A big fan of glitter, Russell sure made the course shine. Unfortunately, even though he looked so strong on the first two obstacles, slipped off the Cyclone Spinner

  • Raphaela Wiget – Failed: Bar Hopper on Course A
  • Sami Palmer – Failed: Big Dipper
  • Khaled Mahmoud – Failed: Weight For It on Course B

Stand Out Run from Le Hua

One of the fastest runs of the night was from 40 year old, Le Hua. After a very upsetting disqualification last season, Le was determined to make up for it. And boy oh boy did he deliver! Opting for Course A, Le blitzed the course with an incredible time of only 2:16 booking himself a spot on the Power Tower.

  • Bowen Cornish – Failed: Big Dipper
  • Danielle Smith – Failed: Pegs on Course A
  • Alicia Prosser – Super Mum, Failed: Weight For It on Course B

Max Closter – After a solid save on the shrinking steps dipped his toes in the water on the rope after Big Dipper, putting him out of the running. Hugely disappointing for him but it looks like he took it as well as he could have. Can’t wait to see him next season.

  • Jeremy Soffe – Failed: Beehive on Course B

Celeste Dixon, Mike Snow & Rob Patterson

Some of the biggest names in Australian Ninja Warrior are up next. Celeste Dixon is easily one of the strongest people I know with core strength unmatched by anyone. Absolutely crushing the course and loudly cheered on by her ever supportive dad, complete with bacon suit. It was the ultra tough obstacle, the Bar Hopper that brought Dixon unstuck. This obstacle while it seems simple enough is far from easy. The hooks the bar sits in are very slippery and the smallest mistakes have you hitting water. 

Fresh out of quarantine, Mike Snow took to the course and finished course B with ease and a time of only 2:46, even with a slight stumble on the bigger Warped Wall.

  • Will Kelly – Failed: Beehive on Course B
  • Jarryd Sutton: Failed: Cyclone Spinner

Rob Patterson had a smooth run after a slight stumble on the Cyclone spinner. Robs feet came completely off but he was able to save it and hit the buzzer at 2:37.

Next up was new comer and Le Hua’s apprentice, David Lack. Impressive run until a mishap on the Bar Hopper we spoke about before meant he had to try launch from the middle bar to the platform. 

LBR Favourite, Daniel 'Barefoot Ninja' Mason

After David ran one of our favourites here at LiveBreatheRide, Dan ‘The Barefoot Ninja’ Mason. For those interested, we have the Barefoot t-shirts for sale here. As expected, Dan’s run was smooth and calculated. Seemingly to the surprise of his partner Maddi who was watching from home, Daniel chose course B. But, effortlessly flowed through with only a slight battle with the second beehive while trying to rotate it into place.

Proving why we call him Flashlin.

Flashlin Herbert. I don’t think it really worries Ashlin when he runs the Ninja Warrior course but he was the last run of the night. Almost without incident, Ash flew through the course. I say almost because on his first swing just missed the second bar on Weight For It. 

An interesting point about the 'Weight For It' obstacle...

An interesting point about the ‘Weight For It’ obstacle is that in the Australian season, Ninjas are allowed to swing and reach for each bar while still holding onto the previous bar. In the US version, Ninjas must lache between bars completely leaving the first bar before touching the next.

Through the Beehive obstacle, Ash made it look ridiculously easy. As soon as he hit the second honeycomb, he threw himself around and rotated the 270º to lock it in. With a time of 1 minute and 52 seconds – 20 seconds faster than Le Hua –  Ashlin Herbert took the top spot of Heat 2 and comfortably onto the power tower.

On the Power Tower, Le fought really hard but FlAshlin just flew through with cruise control. Not a foot went wrong for Herbert but a slip on the step for Le had him off and onto the matt. With his win on the Australian Ninja Warrior Power Tower, Ashlin goes straight through to the Grand Final.

Le Hua
Ashlin Herbert

Australian Ninja Warrior RESULTS: Heat 2
Top 19 - Going through to the Semi-Finals

  1. Ashlin Herbert – Complete 1:52
  2. Le Hua – Complete 2:16
  3. Dan ‘Barefoot Ninja’ Mason – Complete 2:26
  4. Rob Patterson – Complete 2:37 
  5. Mike Snow – Complete 2:46
  6. David Lack – Failed – A) Bar Hop
  7. Rainer Sheu – Failed – B) Beehive
  8. Troy Cullen – Failed B) Beehive
  9. Jeremy Soffe – Failed B) Beehive
  10. Will Kelly – Failed B) Beehive
  11. Celeste Dixon – Failed A) Bar Hop
  12. Raphaela Wiget – Failed A) Bar Hop
  13. Andrew Luo – Failed B) Weight For It
  14. Jason Mitchell – Failed B) Weight For It
  15. Khaled Mahmoud – Failed B) Weight For It
  16. Ryan Rannard – Failed A) Peg Board
  17. Danielle Smith – Failed A) Peg Board
  18. Alicia Prosser – Failed B) Weight For It
  19. Russell Morris – Failed Cyclone Spinner

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