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Bodyweight Training Melbourne: City of Casey’s Newest Movement Gym

bodyweight training melbourne

Bodyweight training in Melbourne just got a whole bunch better and accessible! A few weeks ago, we sat down with Dom & Rowy at PureMVMNT. We discuss their new bodyweight & movement gym in Cranbourne West, learn what it’s all about and why bodyweight training.

bodyweight training in melbourne - PureMVMT

Pure movement with bodyweight training

Dom starts by saying, “Movement is life!” and I’m reminded of the saying that goes something like, ‘we don’t stop because we get old; we get old because we stop.’ Being fit & strong is one thing but having a greater understanding of how you can move your body helps in more ways than just within the gym walls.

Wanting to keep it simple, and clearly where the gym name comes from, owners Dom & Rowy say, “it’s the purest form of strength training” as they discuss the strong calisthenics focus. One of the first things you notice is the severe lack of complicated equipment or machines at PureMVMT. This is very deliberate. While there are a few weight plates and barbells, most of what you see are pull up bars, gymnastics rings and plenty of room for handstands & cartwheels. It’s about bodyweight training Melbourne, right!

pull up bars & gymnastics rings - train for life

Training for life at PureMVMT, Cranbourne West

“We train for life” Dom says. Life should be simple & so should your training. At PureMVMT, they take training back to the basics & through proper education help you get the most from your body. Shaking up the standard gym culture, Dom, Rowy and the team of expert coaches are proving that you don’t need all the fancy machines to get strong, flexible & improve cardio fitness.

PureMVMT is a community of people who love bodyweight training and their passion is clearly visible the moment you get inside. The ego has been eliminated here and you see seasoned athletes training along side beginners of all ages.

bodyweight training in Melbourne's Cranbourne West

Calisthenics in the City of Casey

Located at 5/37 Industrial Circuit, Cranbourne West, this is the first calisthenics gym in the City of Casey. There’s a class for everyone young & young at heart. Memberships start at about $30 and open the gym to a whole host of training possibilities.

Jump over to their website for all the details or head on in and see it for yourself.

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