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Brittany Malloy: Training To Be An Unstoppable Ninja Warrior

brittany malloy - karate kid

Ninja Warrior doesn’t have a clear divide between the men & the women. Everyone competes on the same course and girls & women across Australia are proving to be fierce rivals for the blokes. One such ninja warrior is Brittany Malloy. Brittany is a regular podium topper for the women but isn’t far from bumping the boys off the top spots.

During one of our many lockdowns, LiveBreatheRide caught up with Britt via zoom in hopes of learning just what makes her so damn strong & determined. Dive in and don’t forget to share our article around! Let’s didgeridoo this!

At just 26 years of age, Brittany Malloy is an active person. “I was always one of the girls who’d play sports with the guys!” It’s always been the case for Malloy. Throughout her early life, sports were always at the forefront. Brittany played soccer at school and enjoyed the athletics track. “I did well with cross-country running.”

But before that was Karate. Karate definitely sparked the interest in sports and fitness. “I jumped into karate as soon as I was old enough.” Britt’s dad owned a karate dojo so it was bound to happen. This is where many of her friends were made. “It becomes the family” she says fondly of her years with her martial arts crew. There’s a lot of mutual respect for Britt at her family karate school. The students really pay attention when she speaks as she coaches kids young and old.

"to be stronger & lift heavier things"

Brittany Malloy recently moved away from her role in karate and is spending a lot of time on fitness & personal training. Looking at what she has & continues to achieve, her future is bright & strong. Goals driven, Malloy hopes to learn as much as possible in health and fitness. There’s a solid drive to be stronger & lift heavier things and when you watch her talk, you know she means business. Britt is setting herself up to be one heck of a personal trainer. “Maybe I’ll start my own thing one day; be my own boss!”

Brittany trains 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day to build her strength. “I take one day off for my mental health.” She continues, “De-load weeks are important too” as she explains the importance of setting goals but also “not being too hard on yourself.” Malloy goes all in with wherever her focus goes but mentions she is learning to relax, too. “I am human” she says and “having less guilt about not training or eating shit food.”

"That’s where the magic happens" - Brittany Malloy

Ninja Warrior Brittany Malloy

For the past few years, Brittany has been heavily into the local Ninja Warrior competitions. “It’s great to step out of your comfort zone.” We chat about the importance of challenging yourself, “That’s where the magic happens.” We all know that’s how you grow and get stronger. To jump in the deep end and learn how to swim, as they say.

Britt starts dropping names of the ninjas that are strong and inspiring her to train harder. Britt trains regularly with Georgia Bonora and says there’s so many strong females in Ninja Warrior. Tash Sergi, Judith Carroll, Danielle Thompson, Sarah Blackmore, Betsy Burnett & Olivia Vivian all help motivate Malloy and help keep striving her to be better. This group of young female athletes are proving to everyone they’re not just “strong for a girl,” instead they’re just strong.

Hard working, driven and ready to take on whatever ninja obstacle is thrown her way, Brittany is forging her path to the top. It’s hard to think there’s anyone as hard working as Britt. You don’t always want to go for a run or head to the gym but you’ve got to get it done. “Your future self will thank you for it.”

With more & more young people getting into Ninja Warrior Britt says she’s excited about her future in the sport. It drives her to train harder because we’re already seeing the kids beating some seasoned athletes. Kids are pushing the limits because they have athletes like Britt to aspire to.

"16th overall out of almost 200 athletes nation wide"

We’re hoping to see a return to ninja competitions here in Melbourne soon. Australia’s best ninjas are meant to be heading to Perth in early October for the Ninja Challenge League 2020/21 season finals but things aren’t looking promising. This series is a key focus for Britt who is currently sitting in 2nd place in the official female rankings and 16th overall out of almost 200 athletes nation wide.

Britt has a lot of people in her corner. Long time partner Dan has been incredibly supportive (& also a really strong ninja too) as well as Brittany’s Mum, Dad and sister. Helping with training, Britt is also hugely appreciative and grateful for Clem, Dave & James at the Compound in Bayswater, Vic. Of course, Malloy goes on to say thank you to all the other amazing female ninjas for always inspiring her and “forcing me to continually grow and improve as an athlete!”

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