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Business Spotlight: CN Upholstery

CN Upholstery Mornington Peninsula

There’s no irritatingly catchy jingles or annoying 90’s style rap song ads, just a bloke, his family and a passion for details. Chris Naumann took a moment to chat about CN Upholstery, his new upholstery business in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula.

The moment you step foot into the CN Upholstery factory you can feel the passion. Everywhere your eyes go, there’s something new – or old – to look at but somehow the warehouse remains neat & tidy. Everything in its place but furniture, fabric & tools harmoniously everywhere. 

Every piece has a story

CN Upholstery - working on old couches

Behind an antique couch and armchair set sat a bare timber frame. Poking around and moving a few pieces of old furniture out of the way, Chris started to speak about his passion for what he does. “It’s a great feeling seeing something come in that looks like it should be out on the curb, then watching it leave like a brand new one.”

“Every piece has its own story” Chris starts, “That bare frame is an old miners lounge/chaise. The customers stripped it back in 1986 and had it sitting there to one day restore. That’s why it’s here. It’s come to me to be restored.”

"get them 100% perfect as if it was my own"

CN Upholstery - A family business on the Mornington Peninsula

“This green thing is an old Jacobean lounge suite” says Chris. “I purchased it to fix up for myself” Although he comes across quiet and humble, it’s still so very clear how much the 35 year old loves what he does. Mr Naumann has been in upholstery for almost 20 years now, starting to learn the trade back when he was 17 or 18.

One of the casualties of the global pandemic, Chris was let go from his previous job. He saw this as a huge opportunity and CN Upholstery was born. And he’s taken to it like duck takes to water. “The best thing about owning my own gig would be the freedom to do things how I want. To be able to take the time on certain jobs to get them 100% perfect as if it was my own.”

“The things I like most about upholstery is that you rarely do the same of anything. There’s always something different; a new challenge!” So that red, op-shop armchair you saw, the one with the wonky leg, is now a totally viable option. With Chris’s help, expertise & passion, that chair could breathe new life. It could be the piece your lounge room needs.

Contact Chris at CN Upholstery today.

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