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Business Spotlight: ETCH Sparkling

Jason & Andy from ETCH Sparkling

“It’s not just a bottle of liquid to us; it’s far more than that.” – Jason Quin, ETCH Sparkling.

It could almost be called a movement, especially amongst younger generations, to not bother picking up an alcoholic drink. There seems to be a shift in the ways people are living and experiencing the world around us. From health, the environment, societal values and of course, alcohol. While we in the older generations scramble to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-evolving youth of today, there’s a few businesses that are already in a “spearheading moment.”

With that, let us introduce to you, ETCH Sparkling, a new beverage company from the Mornington Peninsula who are producing marvelously delicious non-alcoholic drinks for adults.

Like most face to face chats in the current climate, Jason and Andy sat down with LBR over a Zoom call. Conveniently perched in front of a few of their tasty drinks, and within arms reach of a few more, it was clear as we all spoke that ETCH was more than just a beverage company. Within every glass bottle is not just a liquid that tastes good, there’s a message. Well, a few messages. The excitement that both Jason & Andy show towards their new, non-alcoholic, adult drinks is irresistable.

"I didn't enjoy sugary drinks"

etch non-alcoholic drinks

As Jason writes in a blog post on Hello Sunday Morning, he endured a battle with alcoholism and sought help to regain better control over his life. Like many of us in the early days of sobriety, Jason was “frustrated with water and didn’t enjoy sugary drinks.” It was obvious there was a “gap in good quality, adult drinks.” 

Sobriety gave Jason a whole new energy so with a supportive push from wife Andy & utilising his 23 years in the wine industry, they started ETCH Sparkling. “Andy said, ‘my spark came back!’ All of a sudden the lights were back on and I was like, YEAH! Let’s Go!” We mentioned in our indefinitely sober post the Every Time Choose Health (ETCH) acronym and that is the daily mantra for the pair. Whether it’s spiritual health, physical health or mental health, it’s a powerful piece to say and remind ourselves of throughout the day. But more than that, it helps define the messages included in every bottle of ETCH Sparkling.

“People are interested in health products, they’re interested in native plants and people are changing their perception of what they’re putting in their body!” As we continued to chat one thing was clear. Yes it’s a business, profits need to be made, but your health, the community, our environment and what goes into each bottle is way more important.

Good Health, Inclusion & Social Conscience

There’s three main values to ETCH Sparkling; good health, inclusion and social conscience. Linking in with our Giving Up Alcohol series, inclusion is providing options to have a delicious drink so you’re not left out in social interactions. There’s a premiumness or adultness that might have been missed if you’re standing there with a sugary drink. Supplying options for designated drivers or people who’ve made the decision not to drink is often an afterthought and ETCH are here to help change that. 

Much like wine, the 3 ETCH flavours have enough structure to them to be matched to foods. It’s exciting to think that going to a party and having a tasty beverage to sip on after a toast or that pairs perfectly with dinner is a real and present option. No more feeling like an outcast because you’ve opted for sober. And so everyday more people are seeing a sober life as a real and socially acceptable option. 

As ETCH grows and the flavour offerings expand, we’ll dive further into matching their drinks with foods as well as jumping into more of the messages contained in each and every bottle of their delicious, alcohol-free beverages.

ETCH Sparkling

Non-Alcoholic Adult Beverages
3 Flavours
Fantastic messages
Local, sustainable ingredients

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