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Business Spotlight: Power, Strength & Vulnerability

Shane Kelton is collecting stories about mental health.

In February 2019 Shane started a podcast and not long after that, a website & blog. Collaborating with other businesses, he set about creating Power, Strength & Vulnerability (PSV), an online resource for anyone with or anyone supporting someone with mental health battles. It’s been growing ever since and has a plethora of podcasts & blogs as well as a wealth of links and connections to others doing their bit to fight mental health stigma.

Experiencing his own battles and learning from them, Mr Kelton wanted to create much more than just a blog or podcast. “For me it’s just about helping others… I care… I think that’s the biggest skill I’ll have moving forward.”

“Mental health is a spectrum” There’s so much to learn about mental health both professionally and amongst the people. That’s where PSV comes in. PSV is set on educating the greater community about what’s involved in creating better mental health.

"We all have mental health"

Later this week, Power, Strength & Vulnerability is hosting a charity cricket match, providing a certain pandemic doesn’t get in the way. The event has been put on to raise funds for MindfullAus, another great initiative to help people with their mental health.

But mostly, education is the main driver behind the game. Cricket helps bring the great local minds together and provides a platform to help spread awareness of the importance of mental health. He says, “We all have mental health; some will develop mental health issues and some will have or develop mental illness.” The hopes are to help find answers for those enduring their own battles and anyone else the understanding of what might be going on inside their head.

A lot of work goes into hosting a charity cricket game. Add to that the uncertainty of the times we’re living in right now and it’s phenomenal that Shane is able to get it going on. This is just one of many achievements from Shane.

He won’t brag about it but when listening to him talk, it becomes clear he’s kicking so many goals. He’s an inspiring young man. His own mental health journey is improving with every step he takes. Glowing when he starts talking about his partner, “Alicia is honestly a rock through everything. The support she has shown through PSV has never wavered… She loves that I am passionate about this…”

"Alicia is honestly a rock through everything..."

The work he’s doing grabbed the attention of others, too. Shane has wanted to become a therapist for a while now and when he met Nick at MyndFit, it all became a reality. “It’s an opportunity not many get” Shane says. Working in the field as he gets his education helps fast track his dream to becoming a full time therapist.

When first getting into fitness, Shane realised how much it helped his own mental health. That led him to becoming a personal trainer. Soon he learned that it wasn’t the physical training he liked as much as helping people with their mental health. “So,” he says, “I just kind of fell into it (becoming a therapist) but I also worked my way in there too”

PSV will grow from here. The plans are to write a new blog post every two weeks or so. The main focus being real, raw and honest accounts of mental health & illness. Stories without filters from a range of new and regular sources. Tales that help shine the light on the world of mental illness and prove that anyone can get through it. That as a community, we are strong. And when we all have an understanding of what’s actually happening, we can band together to support one another.

That’s why educating those around us is important. That’s what drives Shane. That’s why you should get to his cricket game at 2:30pm on February 21st. It’s at the Mooroolbark Height Reserve, Longfellow Avenue, Mooroolbark. (Obviously if Covid restrictions lift, urgh)

Power, Strength & Vulnerability

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