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Local Support Program

Ninja Warrior - Ashlin Herbert

Ashlin Herbert

Ashlin Herbert, otherwise known as Flashlin‘, is a 27 year old carpenter from Melbourne.  Ashlin has competed in every season of Australian Ninja Warrior and has built a reputation for… 

drunk steve

Monkey Steve

This dude just monkeys about all day, every day. Age: 39Occupation: DadHeight: 171cmWeight: 69kg

A Portrait of 5.2 Ninja, Kadeem Aarons

Kadeem Aarons

Kadeem Aarons is a university educated strength coach with experience working in various different sports such as Australian Rules football, Rugby Union & Netball. Kadeem has a passion for working… 

The Barefoot Ninja, Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason is The Barefoot Ninja. Competing on every season of Australia Ninja Warrior, he is the quiet achiever and one of the most influential competitors to date. Mason is…