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Compound Ninja Comp Photos – Melbourne, 2018

the compound ninja comp photos

The Compound ninja comp photos - LiveBreatheRide

More of the Compound ninja comp photos coming at ya!

For many Australian Ninja Warriors, the Compound was the first competition they entered. It’s always been a fun time and cause for celebration. This one, back in April of 2018, well before anyone had even considered Coronavirus, was made even better by fan favourite @Nat.Linz‘s birthday. I think the rules were along the lines of ‘must wear pink’ and almost everyone got on board. 

Here’s to getting back to competing at local ninja warrior comps in the (hopefully) near future. But for now, let’s enjoy the good memories, great times and reminisce about times gone by.

In this ninja warrior photo gallery you’ll find a few snaps of Flippy, Nat Linz, Ashlin Herbert, Zak Stolz & more. Check them out. Feel free to share them around but please, make sure you mention @livebreatheridecom in the caption/comments etc etc. Much love!

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The Compound Ninja Comp Photos - Local Ninja Warrior Comp

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