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Event: 2 Stage Ninja Warrior Comp At The Compound Training

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ninja competition is BACK on in Melbourne

Hands up who’s sick of instagram fitness challenges & distant learning! Well, if the first ninja comp of the year is anything to go by, a lot of people just put their hands up! The field was STACKED with so many new & familiar faces signing up!! Let’s go!

Sunday January 31st, 2021 played host to the long awaited return of ninja competition in Melbourne. A two stage course suited to all abilities, complete with an array of new and old obstacles. Each designed to test our skills, strength and endurance all while gradually increasing in difficulty as each course progressed.

The Compound rookies hit the course first and made light work of it. Obviously having not skipped a beat with their training, they’re well on their way to blurring the line between rookie & fully trained ninja. Working on a points system, the rookies crushed the course.

"a fall didn't stop your run"

Unlike on the Ninja Warrior TV show, a fall didn’t stop your run. Rookies were free to continue & collect more points on further obstacles. This system of points helps with first-obstacle-nerves, a real and present concern for many ninjas. Most competitors fear falling off on the first obstacle which typically results in falling on the first obstacle. Having a points system begins to eliminate this panic.

One thing you’ll notice at a local Ninja Warrior competition is just how supportive all of the ninjas are. While everyone is catching up after a long & lonely year, ninjas were also cheering on in support. It didn’t matter your skill set, if you were putting in the work, doing well or merely having fun, you were getting the backing of everyone there. It’s what most people speak about first when they talk about competing in Ninja.

"They never cease to surprise us"

Once the rookies were done, it was onto the more experienced ninja athletes. Big names like Ashlin Herbert, Daniel Mason, Georgia Bonora & Kadeem Aarons all took to the course. They never cease to surprise us. Often it’s with their smooth & effortless domination of the course but sometimes on a rare occasion, it is from an incredible upset. Speed Kills, as they say, but sometimes it just knocks you from taking top position.

All in all, what an incredible competition. Booking out the allocated numbers, the field was fierce but as we already mentioned, was just a supportive bunch of friends playing on Ninja obstacles.

So the question is, are you signing up next time?

Competition Results

Women's Ninja

  1. Brittany Malloy
  2. Georgia Bonora
  3. Janelle Zanatta

Men's Ninja

  1. Zak Stolz
  2. Daniel Mason
  3. Michael Mischefski

Women's Rookie

  1. Ronda Puckey
  2. Hayley B
  3. Emma Puckey

Men's Rookie

  1. Hugo
  2. Matt L.

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