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Events: BSX 2021

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This story could easily begin with “back in my day.” But doing our best to avoid that age defining conversation, we’ll go with, Bicycle SuperCross is a trip back to the roots of what helped many of us discover and develop an unwavering love for BMX. Back to what deep down, BMX is all about.

Running annually since 2006, Bicycle SuperCross (BSX) is & always has been a charity event. To date, all the profits made have gone directly to the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, a total of over $65,000. This year, amidst the global pandemic, Shane at BMX Ultra hosted yet another hugely successful event.

Making BSX most enjoyable is the stripped back nature of the event. The rule-rich BMXA most likely have their eyes cast over the event but the crew keep it all lowkey and stress free. This certainly doesn’t mean the backyard race isn’t one of the most action-packed, exciting & edge-of-seat BMX battles to happen in the Australian BMX calendar.

... the crew kept it lowkey and stress free ...

Being up in the hills of Kinglake means the temperature isn’t as high as greater Melbourne but on this day the mercury still peaked somewhere around 35º celsius. Perhaps one of the best things about being in Shane’s backyard is the ample shade provided by the multitude of large & established trees. Even still, practise runs were kept to a minimum by most, other that a few excited junior racers who’d need to be hit by 35 buses to slow them down.

Every rider gets one hot lap. This is their ranking lap and decides who they’ll be up against as the knockout rounds get underway. There’s lot of strategy in this or, like most, just go flat out and hope for the best. About 10 seconds is between the fastest men and the 8-13 y/o girls so racing is tight and progressing through laps happens pretty quick.

Then onto the head to head knockout rounds where tension builds even more. Upsets are plentiful. The BSX track is unforgiving and as it’s a ‘flats only’ event* anything can happen. It only takes a small mistake to knock you out but, as the commentators reminded us regularly, “it’s not over until it’s over”. Seems pretty obvious at face value but normally a crash means you’d just roll the rest of the track. At BSX however, you’ve still got a chance. Josh Jolly, for example, thinking he’d got the race in the bag almost gave up his place when showing off almost brought him unstuck right on the finish line.

"It's not over until it's over"

The twin lane race track does such an awesome job at returning to the roots of where most of us started on a BMX; racing your mates for fun. While it’s certainly not about getting participation awards and there’s cash prizes for those on the podium, it’s the race-ya-mates event that keeps the dream alive. It’s the race where the pictures & videos from the day remind us we were there. That we participated & that we did our small part to help raise much needed money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

As restrictions ease and more events are hosted, it’s time for us to get up, get out and support our local clubs, businesses and charities. Purchase tickets, photos and raffle tickets. Be a part of them all. BSX 2022 is no doubt already in the works and will be undoubtedly bigger and even better than this year, if that’s somehow possible. Make sure you’re there!

*flat pedals only, no clip-in style set ups. Trips up a few riders who only ever clip in but is really suited to others who ride different styles & not just BMX race

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