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Flashlin vs Barefoot – Australian Ninja Warrior Season 6 Semi Final 2 & 3

flashlin vs Barefoot

Flashlin vs Barefoot - This sucks!

Flashlin vs Barefoot might make for great TV but it really is disappointing for the sport of Ninja Warrior. When the Compound Training hosts a head to head Ninja competition, it’s always an exciting event. Personally, it puts me out of contention because I’m slow AF but watching everyone else battle it out is great. This however, this isn’t a local Ninja Warrior competition; there’s big money on the line and putting Ash & Dan up against each other in a competition that should be Ninja vs the Course sucks.

There, I’ve had my little cry, now let’s get onto the Australian Ninja Warrior Semi Final 2 & 3.

Right now is where I tell you that the past few weeks have been wild and so I’m combining the article for the 2nd & 3rd Semi Final.

Semi Final 2 Course

Ok, this is the exact same course Ninjas ran last night. Sprinting Steps, Launch to Trapeze, Log Dash, Salmon Ladder to Ring Toss, Wing Nuts then Warped Wall.

In a head to head, the first ninja to hit the buzzer at the top of the Warped Wall progresses through the rest of the course and through to the Grand Final. The other gets thrown to the curb.

In Semi Final 3, Australian Ninja Warrior swapped out some obstacles. The Trapeze was replaced to become the Launchpad to ‘Bag’. Obstacle 5, previously the Wing Nuts’, was also replaced making it the Dropping Shelves.

Racing is pretty exciting though

As much as I don’t think it’s fair to have knockout rounds in the Semi Finals, it certainly made for some exciting races.

I was stoked to see Angus Lambe finally get a call to compete. Angus has been applying for years and it’s great to see him on the course. Proving he’s a valuable inclusion to Australian Ninja Warrior, Angus almost provided an upset by just missing the reach for the buzzer by millimeters. Others worthy of a mention are David Lack vs Le Hua. The age old tale of Boss vs Employee. Who will be victorious? The Boss, obviously. Then Ben Lewis vs Mike Snow was a good match up that provided a really great race.

Barefoot Dan Mason vs Flashlin Herbert

It’s probably always going to be the closest and most entertaining race but it’s the one we didn’t want to see happen. Not like this. Dan and Ash are close friends and showed  their support for one another when they traded t-shirts on the start line.

In true Ashlin vs Daniel fashion, this race was close. Each Ninja took turns out in front at different points in the race but when it came down to it, Ashlin was the first to hit the buzzer.

Official Merch

Moving Through to the Grand Final (Semi 2)

  1. Ashlin Herbert – 3:09
  2. Le Hua – 5:07
  3. Ash Campbell
  4. Ben Polson
  5. Saxon Johnstone
  6. Mike Snow
  7. Simon Martin
  8. Andrew Luo
  9. John Sterio
  10. Josh De-Roo
  11. Nicole Chamberlain
  12. Brodie Peace

Moving Through to the Grand Final (Semi 3)

  1. Jake Baker – 3:57
  2. Rob Patterson – 4:16
  3. Matthew Bowles
  4. Zak Stolz
  5. Alexander Cvetkovski
  6. Daniel Watermann
  7. Judith Carroll
  8. Sam Goodall
  9. Kobe Teede
  10. Stuart Furze
  11. Eloni Vunakece
  12. Nathan Burley

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