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Giving Up Alcohol: Indefinitely Sober?

sober journey - reconsidering our relationships

Coronavirus lockdowns have, for many of us, meant countless hours scrolling our Insta-feeds searching for funny cat videos, fail clips & reconsidering our boozy relationships. We’ve been on zoom calls day in day out and, without many options for us to get out and socialise, lots of people are looking within and reassessing our worlds. Topics that for years have been swept under the rug are being dragged out and talked about. Wine glasses in hand, we’re discussing racism, human rights and of course, alcohol and other addictions. While the subject matters are sometimes painted as negative or polarising, many conversations are being held that bring about hope within the community. This post is about that hope & if we can stay indefinitely sober.

In a never ending quest to be a better human, relationships with booze are being brought into the spotlight. A cheeky midday or even breakfast wine became, in some cases, the hero of lockdown. But amidst the flood of boozy comments and pictures stood a challenge. Two mantras; “Hello Sunday Morning” and “Every Time Choose Health.” The first is one that has been around for 10 years. HSM served as a healthy reminder to me way back when I first thought of a sober lifestyle. While the second is more recent addition to my daily feed, it poses an equally important message.

In an Instagram competition, people shared a 10 year comparison of where they were compared to where they are now. The stories were phenomenal. So many great achievements and there’s clear similarities between them. Diving further down the rabbit hole of other peoples non-drinking dreams, I found the HSM blog an immersive window into many sober worlds. Some people have been on their journey for a long time while others are just beginning. But the key take away was that their lives are unmistakably better without the boozy hangovers; when they chose health.

A boozy relationship?

So while I’m in my 11th month of sobriety and my year long challenge draws nearer to a close, I’m finding myself torn between the excitement of a crisp, cold beer on January 1st and continuing the sober journey indefinitely. The stories shared with Hello Sunday Morning have rung so many bells and resonated way too closely for me to dismiss. Couple this with the discovery of the ETCH Sparkling non-alcoholic beverages and remaining sober is a real possibility.

2020 has been a year of growth and great lessons. While a full breakdown of the Sober Challenge results will be in order shortly, let’s take a quick look at what that will involve.
No Filter – Yeah, it’s just a cool hashtag from a few years ago, but there’s substance to it, too. The hashtag grew in popularity when people realised that the world is beautiful. That mother nature didn’t need to have any magic tricks laid upon her. So, thank you, Instagram. As far as why that relevant here? The world is just so much clearer, brighter and memorable without the boozy haze.
Changing Mindsets – Many articles & advisors mention finding a replacement for your booze. Is this the right choice, or is it shifting the habit to something else? 
Choosing Health. There it is. Appearing so close to the end of our sober challenge but also just at the right time. We’re reflecting on what that means, & how to bring that into our daily lives.

...remaining sober is a real possibility

As 2020 draws nearer to a close and everything happening in the world gets thrown into the spotlight, let’s question the very systems our lives are built upon. Let’s wake up on a Sunday morning fresh & ready to tackle the world. Let’s make a conscious effort to “Every Time Choose Health.”

Throughout this post, we mentioned both Hello Sunday Morning & Etch Sparkling a few times. I want to shout out extra loud to these friends for their help this month. They’re being super positive and showing me – and everyone else, too – ways in which to live a healthier, boozeless life.


ETCH Sparkling

Every. Time. Choose. Health

Alcohol free sparkling beverages
Native Australian plant based
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Currently 3 flavours:
ZST - Finger Lime, Lemon, Myrtle & Rosemary
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reconsidering Our Relationships

Hello Sunday Morning

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