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Giving Up Alcohol – Week #2

It’s week number 2 of giving up alcohol. Not a heap has changed from last week really but I’d like to write about some conversations I’m having. A shift in mindset.



Over the past week I’ve had more conversations about giving up alcohol. Many have asked how it is all going and if it weren’t for these blog posts, I’d probably not even think about it. Fact is this time around it’s going really well. It’s early days but so far giving up alcohol has been really easy. The biggest reason I think is because I’m not giving up alcohol.

You read that correctly; I’m not giving up alcohol. But I am staying sober. To dive right in, I shifted my mindset from removing a joy from my life to gaining more in other areas. Essentially I made my goals far greater than my need to drink. On top of that, I broke the whole thing apart and discovered exactly why I was doing this. The why is crucial but I’ll leave that for another post.

My goals.

As much as I stated 2019 wasn’t an ideal year, there certainly were a number of points that helped define my goals this year.


Learn more about diet, gut health and How To Cook.

We eat reasonably clean anyway and the benefits are clearly visible. During a few previous sobriety attempts, a lack of booze in my diet amplifies this.

Ninja Warrior?

Less gut & more abs this year, please.


Be much more competitive in Ninja Warrior competitions, lift heavy things and even compete.

If you’re following my fitness journey on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been working hard over the past few years. The results are speaking for themselves but I truly believe I have more in me. Being able to fire on more cylinders more often I’m sure will get me there. Being a lighter version of myself will help with my weight category in lifting comps plus the obvious advantage when hanging off ninja obstacles.

Mental Stability.

Think clearer, sharper and analyse more open-mindedly.

There was a part of me relying on alcohol to calm my mind. It was my trigger to switch off. Trouble with that is that it can have a negative effect. I spent years analysing how things affect me and alcohol wasn’t immune to this. I found that it would be my fourth drink that my thought process would start to change. A more inward looking and often negative approach would creep in and soon take over. Removing alcohol from the equation, if history has taught me anything, the hangover induced clouded mind shouldn’t be present.

Living more in the now.

To be present in every single moment.

I definitely feel I live in the now as it is but I want and need more. With no (paying) job and a focus on our daughter, I want to take it all in and remember it. I want to be up for anything at the drop of a hat and not have to worry about who’s going to drive or have I got the energy or is my head going to hurt too much. Let’s GO!

My tips:

  1. Start small. (Hey, FebFast is coming up – it’s only 29 days!)
  2. Create goals that are strong enough to eliminate the need for alcohol
  3. Give them reasons and substance. Make them as real as possible.
  4. Ensure they’re achievable.
  5. Let your friends know and ask for their help.
  6. Keep reading my blog series and get inspired.

Stay tuned for more posts on how sobriety is going and be sure to leave me a comment below. Perhaps answer the question, “Could you drink a little less alcohol?”