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Giving Up Alcohol – Week #3 – So Much Energy!

Probably my biggest fear when giving up alcohol was having too much energy. In previous boozeless attempts it was my energy levels and my inability to use the influx of wall-bouncing excitement that was my inevitable downfall. If I was going to be successful this time around, I was going to need an outlet!

Yesterday was actually the 3 week mark. I missed it. It wooshed on by almost without notice. I have had so much energy and I have been super busy. Yesterday for example, even though I’m a huge believer of only doing one thing at a time, I managed to work on over 3 tasks almost simultaneously. Working on rebuilding a window frame that has rotted away, finishing the bedside table for Ruth and building a raised veggie garden out of old scrap timber. My mind is becoming so sharp and relentlessly firing.

build a raised garden out of scrap timber


Peak Performance

You may also notice the featured image for this weeks post is from the small backyard BMX race, BSX. Even though I haven’t trained much in the past few months and the last time I rode my race BMX was back in 2017, I took 2nd place at this charity event. If that wasn’t enough, in this years Compound Team Ninja event, my team managed a podium finish placing 3rd. I’m also back in my gym lifting weights and training hard. The biggest thing I’ve noted is that the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) hasn’t been anywhere near as severe as previous sessions. I’m sure I’m training just as hard if not harder so I’m putting it down to being cleaner, healthier and drinking much more water.

Now, surely this isn’t all attributed to 3 weeks of giving up alcohol but I’m sure it has something to do with it. It’s more motivation to keep going on this no alcohol voyage.

BSX 2020 - Backyard BMX Racing


It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though

While keeping busy has been fantastic and we’ve been catching up with friends, all this exposure to big groups of people has played havoc with my mental state which is normally a trigger to ‘switch off’ with a few drinks. Being introverted means I have a limited window in which I can be around people. For 3 days straight I was amongst crowds. The worst was peak hour in Melbourne City. After a day with Eve while my wife and her friend explored the NGV, I became overwhelmed and fought to stay composed. I was verging on full mental crash, the day after provided both further problems and solutions in the one single event.

Desperately needing to relax, a trip to go rock climbing was organised with great friends who were visiting from interstate. Our meeting time kept being pushed back sending me into a flurry of wild emotions and anxieties. I needed to relax. This would normally have been a whiskey moment. Not today though. With a more clear mind, I worked on a solution and put it into action. We went climbing and the exercise and challenge was exactly what I needed. Crisis averted.

train tracks for personal reflection


What to do with all this energy.

I’ve always had way too much hyperactive energy and booze was a way to chill that out a little. So what now since giving up alcohol? Well, I’m not sure yet but I think focussing on my training, creating content for this blog and online store and keeping up with all the home maintenance projects around here will help keep me on track. Although I thoroughly enjoy my morning coffee, I’ve been considering replacing that with a juice or flavoured water as well.

Have you got any suggestions? Please leave a comment below.