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Grand Final Stage 1 – Australian Ninja Warrior 2021

This is the Grand Final Stage 1 for Season 5 of Australian Ninja Warrior report and results. If you’ve been following along our little Ninja Warrior reports you’ll know it’s been getting us excited and this episode, the 8th in Season 5, is by far the best one yet.

Back in the qualifying rounds, Heat 4 was dominated by the rookies but Stage 1 of the 2021 Australian Ninja Warrior was all about seasoned ninjas.  Every ninja who hit the buzzer has been here before. Ninja is a sport to them and as such spend the time between ANW seasons competing in local ninja competitions small & large.

Experience pays off and while anything can and will happen in Ninja, it’s the ones who live & breathe this sport that are doing well & hitting buzzers. Anyway, let’s check in on the course and see what obstacles stood in their way.

The Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final Stage 1 Obstacles

  • Snake Run
  • Launchpad to Trapeze
  • Broken Bridge
  • Triple Corkscrew
  • (Double) Ferris Wheel
  • 4.35m Warped Wall
  • Salmon Ladder to Stair Hopper
  • Barrel Roll
  • Underwater Escape 

Take a look at Stage 1

Jake Baker ran the course first. Jake was looking real good on the course but with more than 2 minutes left on the clock, a slight miscalculation had him in the water. Using the 2nd chance he earned on the power tower last week in Semi Final number 2, Jake “sent it” and hit the buzzer with 43 seconds left on the clock.

Travis Edwards was up next. After some awesome leaps on Snake Run Edwards looked in control. Not bothering with the final step and throwing the bar from the Stair Hopper, he made his way past the Barrels to Underwater Escape. With one heavy, underwater door to go, Travis ran out of time and misses out on heading to stage 2.

Travis Edwards just misses out on Stage 2

Zak Stolz. When you speak to a lot of the top ninja competitors, you often hear them talk about the mental game. How staying calm and being confident in yourself is as important as your physical strength. Zak Stolz is someone with such confidence. Zak calmly & methodically checks off each obstacle & moves onto the next with pure style.

After Zak, we get a quick run through with ninjas who unfortunately splash out.

  • Le Hua – Stair Hopper
  • Sam Roberts – 3 attempts up the Warped Wall
  • David Bowd – misstep on the Launch Pad
  • Jimmy Burrow – very surprising, but appropriate stumble on Snake Run

Flashlin Herbert

Another athlete that barely shows any effort is good friend of LiveBreatheRide, Ashlin Herbert. With the fastest run for the night, Herbert finished with a comfortable 1 minute & 45 seconds left on the clock. 

  • Rob Patterson – Complete
  • Mat Hutchins-Read – Salmon Ladder
  • Dylan James – Salmon Ladder
  • Jack Wilson – Shock exit on the new 4.35m Warped Wall
  • Sam Goodall – Head-cracking splashout on the Launchpad to Trapeze

Superstar - Olivia Vivian

"We are capable of this" - Olivia Vivian.

Olivia Vivian. The snake run seemed more difficult that last season and threatened to trip up Olivia. A slightly new and deceptive sequence throws you off balance and Vivian just holds on and completes obstacle one. From there, it was calm and calculated. From that moment on, it was smooth sailing all the way through,underwater and back out to hit the buzzer with 20 seconds left on the clock.

Stoked at her achievements, Olivia went on to say, “If I can just hit the course & show women WE ARE CAPABLE OF THIS! … it IS possible so just believe in yourself & work hard.” Vivian is living proof that the impossible is not impossible at all. 

  • Josh O’Sullivan – Barrel Roll
  • Alex Bigg – Complete
  • Mike Snow – Complete
  • Bryson Klein – Complete

Charlie Robbins was going fast in Stage 1 of the Grand Final, but...

Charlie Robbins was going fast. So fast that by the time he was over the wall, he still had 3 minutes 40 left on the clock. But that was taking its toll and signs of slowing down became visible. Perhaps he was just bored or maybe just saving some lungs for Underwater Escape. With 23 seconds left on the clock, Charlie was heading to Stage Two of the Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final.

Charlie Robbin almost went too fast.

Last runner for the night, Ben Polson

Can Ben Polson go back to back wins on Australian Ninja Warrior? We’re about to find out. Polson’s runs are very calculated. Taking the time to balance time with fatigue, Ben had the commentators nervous a few times. Just like most of the top ninjas, Ben lives in the moment. Never a step in front of where he currently is, his mind focuses on the current obstacle and how he is ticking it off the list.

A lot of the time when a ninja falls, it’s because their focus has shifted away from what they’re currently doing. This didn’t happen for Ben and like Charlie, completed the course with 23 seconds remaining. 

After the Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final Stage 1, we have 10 ninjas proceeding through.

Smooth, calculated. Ben Polson.

Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final Stage 1 RESULTS

  1. Ashlin Herbert – 01:45 remaining
  2. Zak Stolz – 0:48 remaining (still has a safety pass)
  3. Jake Baker – 0:43 remaining (used his safety pass)
  4. Alex Bigg – 0:35 remaining
  5. Bryson Klein – 0:31 remaining
  6. Rob Patterson – 0:31 remaining
  7. Charlie Robbins – 0:23 remaining
  8. Ben Polson – 0:23 remaining
  9. Olivia Vivian – 0:20 remaining
  10. Mike Snow 0:13 remaining

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