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Gumbuya World: Eve’s Top 5 Things To Do

My family and I started off 2020 with a trip to Gumbuya World. It was a great day. There are rides, animals, birds and a massive water park! I had the such a fantastic experience. Come with me and see my top 5 things to do at Gumbuya World.

1: Wildlife Trail!

The Wildlife Trail is a path that you can walk through to see all the native Australian animals. It was great because although you’re not supposed to touch the animals, they weren’t in a cage and you get to walk amongst them. I liked the koalas the most because they were sleeping in the gumtree and because they are my third favourite animal.

lazy koala at Gumbuya World


2: Oz Adventure

The Oz Adventure was the first spot we went to. It has all the rides. We got here almost as soon as the park opened so the lines were still short but still had a long wait. I really like the roller coaster because it started off slowly then it got faster. I also went on the Rush Hour ride that spins around really quick.

Gumbuya World Roller Coaster


3: Lunch in the Outback Explorers!

For lunch I had the chicken nuggets and chips. They were tasty! It was a big meal so I got filled up! The park doesn’t allow you to bring your own food which made it hard for Mum because there wasn’t many gluten free options available.

upside down and in the trees at Gumbuya World


4: Oasis Springs

The Oasis Springs is the big water park. My favourite part was the Lazy River. The lazy  river was the best because you could just lay in the pool float and sway along. The water was nice and warm as well. It was AMAZING! The biggest issue we had was finding a spot to sit and put our bags down. A nice lady offered up one of her seats. Everyone was really nice.

5: Family Time

It was really good to spend time with my Mum and Dad. We have the best fun together. I think next time I’d like to go with some of my friends too. They’d enjoy it!

Native Australian bird at Gumbuya World



2705 Princes Highway, Tynong, Victoria – More Info Click Here

Opening Hours:

Opening Hours vary so, click here for more info.


Kids tickets are $46 and Adults are $52.

You can also get a yearly pass starting at $129.

More info here


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