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High Fives: Zac Bradley

High fives are a huge part of why we ride bikes. Sticking the landing on a big jump, flowing through a berm or racing to the top of a steep climb. It’s the high fives that help push us further. In a way, it is what the bicycle community is built upon.

Within bikes – like many sports and communities – there’s a huge array of different characters. And those differences are expanding. But what we’re seeing more of is instead of division, we’re seeing stronger bonds, tighter friends & more inclusion.

Learning from each other and being introduced to new passions, we’re all expanding our minds. So with that, let’s look into the mind of BMX & MTB all rounder, Zac Bradley. These are his high fives.


  1. Josh Martinez
  2. Electric guest
  3. Dr. John
  4. Bakar
  5. Dizzy wright


  1. Remy Morton
  2. Jasper Penton
  3. Casey Brown
  4. Sam Reynolds
  5. Jackson Goldstone


  1. Watching MTB YouTubers

  2. Watching old BMXA footage

  3. Friends riding on YouTube

  4. Playing handball

  5. Sleeping !!!


  1. Chocolate
  2. Meat – Steak
  3. Lollies
  4. Pasta
  5. Cereal


  1. Everyting. Literally Everything.
  2. Ability to express yourself
  3. Boosting jumps
  4. Almost crashing
  5. Being sketchy
high fives - Zac Bradley riding MTB downhill in a berm

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