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Introducing: Danielle Thompson

Danielle Thompson

Most coaches & personal trainers just want you to show up & put in the work. Their ideal client is one that will give anything a go, be determined and won’t whine when things get a little tough. This “pocket rocket” might very well be that ultimate client.
Let us introduce you to Danielle Thompson.

Dee, as her friends call her, lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is almost a part of the furniture at The Compound Training facility in Bayswater. Gym owner Clem says, “It’s great having her at the gym (be)cause she’s happy, positive and loves it.” And the next time you head down to the Compound, you’ll notice how much good, positive energy Danielle brings too each session. 

It’s the solid work ethic with Dee. Planning & booking all her sessions in at the start of each week “so I’ve committed,” it’s non-stop training from thereon in. Working a minimum of 15 hours as a hairdresser, a mum to 3 girls, wife to husband Daniel & somehow finds time – and energy – to train 10 times a week for up to 2 hours each time. “I don’t know how, it just works out” says Dee when quizzed on how she fits it all in. “Daniel helps make it work.. and my Mum & Dad.”

"I don't know, it just works out"

Danielle Thompson in the spider wall at the Compound Training

The 30 year old mum of 3 says her kids are fun. “We hang out together & they teach me things.” It no surprise that the ninja mum often spends time doing ninja courses at the park with her children. Showing her girls that it’s normal to want to live a happy, healthy life and to strive to be as strong as possible. “She’s a machine who pushes hard and inspires others,” says coach Clem so you can imagine how proud & energized her girls must be.

Dee would have to be one of the strongest females in the sport of Ninja. Having a smaller frame, the power to weight ratio is phenomenal. But that is no match for her sheer determination. Always willing to give something a go, even when she’s scared, Dee will just keep trying till she has it down.

“I genuinely just love it” says the inspirational mum. “I want to be able to do all the obstacles!” Dee fits right in with the increasing number of strong women proving it’s not just for the boys. 

"She's a machine who pushes hard and inspires others"

Danielle was fortunate enough to compete on Australian Ninja Warrior season 4. In a stacked heat, full of some big name ninjas, a small mistake had her in the water far sooner than anyone expected. The early fall has given her more drive & determination than ever before.

“After the show finished, I was pretty flat… What helped was setting new goals..” Danielle is pretty competitive and the goals set for herself are huge. Without the support from her parents & husband Daniel, she doesn’t think she’d be able to dedicate so much time to training. Danielle is currently on track to achieve 5 Murph workouts (1 mile run – 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats – 1 mile run) in one day. Another big goal is a ‘double’ on the salmon ladder. No one doubts that she’ll get there.

The Compound Training is a big part of her success. The people, atmosphere and encouragement. “I love everything about it! The obstacles. The way it scares me, pushes me and excites me all at the same time.” 

This article was made possible with the help from the team at The Compound Training, Bayswater. Get down and see for yourself why Danielle – like so many others – loves training here.

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