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Introducing: Zac Bradley

Zac Bradley - riding mountain bikes

“We moved interstate purely for Zac’s riding.”

In search of more competition, greater variety and bigger opportunities, Zac Bradley’s mum packed everything up and moved from South Australia to sunny Melbourne. Zac is – at the time of writing – freshly 13 years old. Originally from Port Willunga, SA, he now calls Cranbourne home but rides all over the state and, if Covid didn’t get in the way, the entire East Coast of Australia.

Like many kids, Zac started riding early. He’s been riding a bike since he was two. He was “getting air at some local jumps” when a local family introduced him to BMX racing. Zac’s riding took off from there and since moving to Melbourne in 2020, has gone from strength to strength.

"We moved interstate purely for Zac’s riding"

BMX was how it all started but the fleet of bikes has expanded hugely since their move. Now every riding trip begins with the battle of which bikes to bring and which to leave at home. There’s the dirt jumper MTB, the dually, street BMX & more.

Bicycles have consumed the family’s life. All their dollars are “ploughed into riding, bikes, maintenance, competitions, events, accomodation and fuel to travel to new locations.” Considering himself a pretty serious rider, Zac is the epitome of LiveBreatheRide.

“I used to say the only time he’s not riding is when he’s asleep, however I’ve found this to be inaccurate. He flitches in his sleep ‘jumping over gaps’ and his legs periodically twitch and spin as he’s still riding in his dreams” – Margi, Zac’s mum, says joyfully.

To Zac, LiveBreatheRide means “enjoy every moment.” He continues, “be present, slow down and listen to your mind and body. And ride as it helps physically and mentally.” Riding is great for meeting & making new friends. He’s still meeting new people, although Covid restrictions have made that a little more difficult.

"be present, slow down and listen to your mind and body"

Together the family have joined local clubs & social media groups but say their local bike shops are the key to it all. They know so much and can always recommend new clubs, organised ride groups and hints on new places to search. The bike shops are great for finding like-minded people to explore the local – and distant – trails with.

Looking to the future, Zac has plenty of goals and aspirations. He’s reaching for the top. Short term, he’s just keen to get up, get out and ride as much new terrain as possible. But long term, long term is where Zac lights up and get’s serious.

Seeking out a career in bicycles in whatever way he can. He’s hoping to race BMX in the Olympics & the World Cup, amongst other BMX goals that includes many overseas trips. On the mountain bike, he has his eyes set on racing at Whistler, DarkFest, LooseFest & more.

"Australia is our backyard. We love exploring"

When not riding, Zac is creating videos for his ever growing YouTube Channel. Aiming for a new Vlog every Tuesday, Zac’ channel is getting some serious traction. With plenty of new, interesting content, after watching a few of his videos it’s not hard to see why. Check it out. “Don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe!”

“For us, Australia is our backyard. We love exploring. Life’s too short. Just have fun.” And to take a page out of Zac’s book and borrow his catchphrase, “See you on the next adventure!”

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  1. Beautifully written and captured – THANK YOU – look forward to getting the photos, I’ll be in touch.
    Check out
    @Zacbradley555 (Insta and YouTube)
    @Casey Cycles our local bike shop legends
    ‘See you all on the next adventure’

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