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Judith Carroll Crushes The Ninja Warrior Heat 2 Course

judith carroll on heat 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior, 2022

Judith Carroll Crushes Heat 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior

Judith Carroll is nothing short of amazing. I’m going to start this quick Australian Ninja Warrior Heat 2 wrap-up with that. 

We’ve mentioned before the difficulty of the door knobs, and it’s worth mentioning this again. The door knobs are the most inconvenient shape and shiny in a way that the slightest bit of sweat makes them slipperier than, I dunno, picking up a wet grape with a fork out of a bowl. (I hope you get that reference) They’re a tough obstacle and 27 of them with some really stretched gaps between them makes the Anaconda damn near impossible.

But Judith Carroll had no worries. There was no sweat, struggle or concern. The first to make it up the Warped Wall in Heat 2 in Season 6, Carroll was one of only five to reach the buzzer. Superb job, Judith.

ANW 2022: Heat 2 Course

Ok, Ok. Let’s look at the Heat 2 Australian Ninja Warrior Course.

Many of the same obstacles from Heat 1, but with a few differences. The second obstacle was replaced with the Candy Cane Rush and obstacle number 5, that was replaced with one from Season 5, Weight For It.

Candy Cane Rush is, I suppose, like a flying fox that if you have to leap off in order to catch an odd-shaped ledge(?) to then get to the platform. The trick to the leap is going on the first go. If you don’t let go on the first decent, there’s almost no way you’re reaching the next catch.

Weight For It, while familiar to those who watched last year, still managed to trick a few Ninjas who I would have thought wouldn’t come close to falling. But it’s certainly an obstacle that is deceiving. The way the bars drop tends to change, or stop the swing to be able to progress through the obstacle.


With two options, the Anaconda is the obstacle this season that is taking the most lives. As we mentioned yesterday, Ninjas can decide between endurance or speed.

Skye Haddy, one of the shortest Ninja Warriors to compete in Season 6, opted for the speed of the lache. Her circus skills certainly suggest it was a good option, and it almost was. With plenty of swing and heaps of height, Haddy got her fingertips on the second lache bar but fell just shy of a full catch.

On the sidelines, when showed the slow-mo replay, Skye showed visible and very understandable disappointment at how close she was to getting the catch.

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Our short list of Australian Ninja Warrior Gyms

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Surprise Splash By Lydom

Lochie Lydom, an absolute Ninja course crusher from many of the local Ninja competitions, seemed to be a little uncharacteristically nervous. Understandable with all the lights, cameras and very late night. 

But even with that being said, once on the obstacles, he looked really comfortable. But on Weight For It, Lochie missed one of the catches and splashed out, albeit still with a time that got him into 6th place.

Only Five Buzzers!

Judith Carroll’s partner, Mat Hutchins-Read and other Season 5 returning Ninja, Dylan James both hitting buzzers with times in the 2 minute mark.

Long time Ninjas Alex Bigg and fan favourite, Bryson Klein finished the 2022 Australian Ninja Warrior Heat 2 course within 1 second of each other rounding out the top five and only Ninjas to complete the Heat 2 course.

2022 Australian Ninja Warrior - Power Pool

I think I missed it last night but the bonus received by the Power Pool winner is the opportunity to choose who you race in the Semi-Final head to head battles. So, I ask you, would you choose someone you know you could easily beat or someone who puts up a good challenge for you?

The first round of battles in the Power Pool tonight were Bryson Klein vs Alex Bigg and Mat Hutchins-Read vs Dylan James.

Bryson vs Alex were up first and without error, Klein cruised through and took the win while Bigg battled with the ring then took a dive into the pool. The race between Mat and Dylan was a little closer but a few mistakes meant Dylan handed the win to Hutchins-Read.

The final race for the night; Mat Hutchins-Read vs Bryson Klein. Again with an effortless run, Bryson took the lead after only using a single swing to get off the ring. Climbing the rope to hit the buzzer and claim the Semi Final advantage.

Moving Through to the Semi-Finals

  1. Bryson Klein – 1:42
  2. Alex Bigg – 1:43
  3. Mat Hutchins-Read – 2:13
  4. Dylan James – 2:21
  5. Judith Carroll – 4:10
  6. Lochie Lydom
  7. Simon Martin
  8. Kahled Mahmoud
  9. Leium De_Roo
  10. Jordan Papandrea
  11. Jimmy Burrow
  12. Josh De-Roo
  13. Paul Culloty
  14. Aiden Pricena-White
  15. Jason Mitchell
  16. Skye Haddy
  17. Ethan Princena-White
  18. Evan Williams

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