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Kids Ninja Competitions: Ninja Challenge League Youth Qualifier

young boy competes in kids ninja competitions

With the growing popularity of Australian Ninja Warrior, kids ninja competitions are huge right now. During lunch and recess, kids at school are setting up small ninja courses on the playgrounds and racing their friends from one end to the other. Youngsters are looking up to athletes like Ashlin Herbert, Daniel Mason and of course, Olivia Vivian and trying to be just like their heros from the TV show. Without even knowing it, they’re building strength, body awareness and resilience like rarely before.

Kids – and their parents – are looking for new ways to use their energy. There’s still plenty that kick the footy, play basketball or dance but some kids are trying new sports that are offering a completely new challenge. Ninja Warrior is one of these sports fast becoming the hottest thing to do.

“We’re seeing more and more kids choosing ninja warrior over other team style sports.” Kids who otherwise wouldn’t get into sport are jumping in and having a go, too. “It’s the best thing about ninja; it’s all on you!” Conversations with Dani Lyons were being drowned out by the plethora of chanting kids at the local ninja comp last Sunday. Dani’s gym – Fighting Lyons – were hosting the NCL qualifier and children of all ages were shouting words of support while their friends tackled the course.

kids ninja competitions are incredibly supportive

kids cheer and support fellow competitors at local ninja competition

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The Ninja Challenge League (NCL) is arguably Australia’s biggest and best ninja competition series and now includes a kids ninja warrior competition. “It’s fiercely competitive but also incredibly supportive” Dani says as a bunch of kids rush over to congratulate another competitor on her run.

Kids as young as 7 and of all abilities get their chance to battle the course. They’re spending endless hours each week training their skills, strength and endurance with the goal to complete the challenging course. While it’s a race between each competitor, the real battle is between ninja and obstacle.

When they’re not out training, kids are on online studying every move their Australian Ninja Warrior idols are making and learning how to tackle each obstacle. The next generation are seeing every possibility and they’re asking more of themselves to push the limits. They’re fearless.

Ninja warriors are stepping it up

support for young athletes at kids ninja competitions

The Ninja Challenge League Youth course was tough. Around the world junior ninja warriors are stepping up and proving themselves time & time again. With the American Ninja Warrior season now inviting contestants as young as 15, “we need to make our courses tougher” says Fighting Lyons ninja coach, Michael Mischefski.

If you are looking for a new exciting challenge for your children, the local Ninja Warrior competitions could be just what you’re looking for. Ninja is well suited to kids who are a little more creative, perhaps not into traditional team sports or just want a different style of challenge. Ninja is a sport for everyone and with gyms like Fighting Lyons pushing what inclusivity really means, there’s almost no reason you or your child cannot give it a go.

The Ninja Challenge League finals are hosted at the Ninja Academy in Perth on October 2nd to 3rd. There’s still time for your kids to jump in, start training and qualify for the finals. Ninja Nation in Ferntree Gully is hosting the 5th NCL Youth Qualifier at the end of August so get down to your local playground or sign up to one of the many kids ninja warrior gyms in Melbourne and start training.

For full results of the NCL youth (& adult) competitions, jump over to the official Ninja Challenge League page and check them out. While you’re there, perhaps look at how you can sign yourself or your kids up and get involved.

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