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Kids Ninja Warrior: Vic NCL Qualifier

Clem explains the kids ninja warrior competition rules at the 2022 NCL qualifier

The Kids Ninja Warrior Competition

On the 13th season of American Ninja Warrior, Ninjas as young as 15 were allowed to compete amongst the adults and we immediately got put on notice. In 2022, Australia followed suit and allowed kids as young as 16 on to compete in the 6th season of Australian Ninja Warrior.

We saw young Australians step up on stage and show us, and the world, they’re a force to reckon with.

In local Ninja Warrior competitions, we’ve seen a similar age reduction and the battles for top spots are getting more fierce with each round.

But before the youth are old enough, they’ve got to find their Ninja legs somewhere else. This is where they’re growing from.

Ninja Challenge League Youth Competition, August 2022

Kids as young as seven took to four different Ninja Warrior Courses, each meticulously designed by the Compound crew.

The Ninja Challenge Youth League is divided into four categories;

  • Kids (7-8y/o),
  • Mature Kids (9-10y/o),
  • Pre-Teens (11-12y/o),
  • Teens (13-15y/o)


They'll Give Anyhing A Try

Kids today are a resilient bunch. While each age category had a customer designed Ninja course, all the kids showed the same thing; determination. Spurred on by the excitement of watching Australian Ninja Warrior on TV and probably also the plethora of local Ninja Warrior competitions, kids are fiercely battling to win their age class.

They’re training every week, often with their siblings, and sometimes with their parents, but every time with one goal, to beat the course.

Some kids are clearly the sports type that are also competing in all manner of other games but just like in the adults Ninja, some are the more dedicated to the sport of Ninja Warrior.

Travelling from near and far, these kids got down to business from the get go. Balancing, swinging and leaping throughout the course, you could hardly tell these were kids. Strong, fast and determined to beat the course and smash out a great time.

Ninja Challenge Rules: The Good & The Bad

The NCL competitions are known for their strict rules and enforcing them. It certainly makes for a good, clear and fair competition but when an inch of your shoe touches the wrong part of a mat, the rules kinda hurt. Unfortunately, a few competitors found out how strict competitions rules can be but with video review, it’s hard to argue.

It is the same for everyone and while it may suck that a small mistake can mean an early departure, these rules also make doing well that little bit better. The rules being so strict help you train. Promote developing your skills a little more and fine tuning your every move.

Yeah, the rules are strict but the kids competitions are just proof that they’re building strong and skillful young Ninjas.

Ninja Challenge League 2022 Youth Finals

For those who have qualified, the 2022 Ninja Challenge League Youth Finals will be held at The Compound on September 28th, 2022

Check the full Youth Schedule over on the NCL website.

Kids Ninja Warrior Schedule for 2022

junior ninja warrior competing in melbourne kids ninja warrior competition

Youth NCL Results: Kids

  1. Maisy Mock – Finished
  2. Josephine Sheean – Finished
  3. Mason Goldsmith-Carter – Finished
  4. Matilda Vandermeer – Finished
  5. William Abreu – Finished
  6. Jordyn Stevens – Finished
  7. Lincoln Thom
  8. Ronan Pietzsch

Youth NCL Results: Mature Kids

  1. Jayden Jolley – Finished
  2. Zac Whitehill-Field – Finished
  3. Daniel Jolley – Finished
  4. Tara Pietzsch – Finished
  5. Sienna Gurkin – Finished
  6. Jaden Hack
  7. Zoe Ackerley
  8. Spenser Dimitriadis
  9. Casey Mclaren
  10. Archie Gardner
  11. Max Frisina
  12. Will Citera
  13. Noah Shore
  14. Ariana Zakharia

Youth NCL Results: Pre-Teens

  1. Jake Schlieper – Finished
  2. Kobe Baker – Finished
  3. Byron Abreu – Finished
  4. Lucy Carr
  5. Jonathan Lintoo
  6. Zachary Gurkin
  7. Charli Stevens
  8. Michael Stowell
  9. Joshua Dimitriadis
  10. Jasper Loch
  11. Liam Van Der Merwe
  12. Libby Smith

Youth NCL Results: Teens

  1. Tye Beadel – Finished
  2. Millie Baker – Finished
  3. Luke Davis – Finished
  4. Riley Hunt – Finished
  5. Chloe Cheng
  6. Zoe Harkness
  7. Abby Palmer
  8. Sonny Axnick
  9. Peter Davis
  10. Stevi Sewell
  11. Linkin Salmon
  12. Elias Collins
  13. Charli Sewell
  14. Eloi Grace

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