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Ninja Warrior - Ashlin Herbert

Ashlin Herbert

Ashlin Herbert, otherwise known as Flashlin‘, is a 27 year old carpenter from Melbourne.  Ashlin has competed in every season of Australian Ninja Warrior and has built a reputation for… 

6 Months Sober – The Halfway Mark!

Woooooaaaaah, we’re halfway there! Wooooaaaahh, sober half the yeeeearrrr!

Six whole months sober is totally something to sing about. In today’s world, there are so many damn temptations, addictions and dopamine producers. We sit for hours on end mindlessly scrolling on our phones in hopes of passing time while we procrastinate on the things we’re meant to be achieving. And in the current set up, where we’re not really allowed to do almost anything, a good solid booze drinking session sounds like a pretty sweet idea. But I don’t even care about that. Why the fuck not?

drunk steve

Giving Up Alcohol: 4 Months Without Alcohol, 8 Months To Go.

Four months without alcohol is, as expected, offering me some turbulent emotions and mind chatter. I apologise if this post doesn’t make sense. Symbolically, Melbourne’s weather has turned to shit just as I flood with emotions of every type. Our steel shed rattles as high winds are blowing all sorts of thoughts around, threatening to knock everything down. Interestingly enough, it is the exact thing bringing forward such wild and uncertain thoughts that is also fetching a sort of clarity I don’t think I have ever seen. Read on. Let’s see where this takes us!

managing the my mental health train

My Mental Health: Paying Attention And Other Things That Help

Currently, my mental health is turbulent at best. As I edge onto 4 months sober, my worst fears are presenting themselves thick and fast but I’m also experiencing huge highs. Fighting off negative thoughts, I employ a few tried and tested techniques to get me through. Today’s post is all about sifting through some of my preferred ones and delving into how I use them. Let’s Go!

neighbourhood lawn project - freshly mowed lawn

The Neighbourhood Lawn Project: Building Community

Imagine we could help build our community by mowing someone’s front lawn. By cleaning up our own streets and helping our fellow neighbours. Paying those nice acts of kindness forward, or starting the trend. Being the force that helps create warmth between strangers & conversations between locals. Introducing the Neighbourhood Lawn Project.

Eve's Corner Push-up tutorial - - Fitness

Push-Up Tutorial – Eve’s Corner

It’s been school holidays and Mum has let me use her computer to video call my friends. It’s been great since we’re in this lockdown. One thing we have done is push-ups. Mostly, I take the stuff I learned from my Dad and at MAGA and try to teach my friends. Anyway, I thought I’d make a video to show more kids how I do push-ups and maybe inspire you guys to do some as well! Please, watch my push-up tutorial video below!

barefeet in the jungle

100 Days Sober – In Treacherous Waters

100 Days Sober. The 100 day mark is one I’ve often feared. As mentioned in previous posts, my energy levels skyrocket when I’m sober and 100 days is the previous record. A racing mind, lack of attention and inability to stop forced a what I saw as a need to crack open a drink and ‘switch off’. So is this year different? How can I make it through these turbulent times?

Just Thinking Things: Complaining Is Not Helping

If you follow the meme world, you’ll understand we’re in the time of Karen and her “Can I speak to your manager” hair cut. That complaining is the only way to get your point across. Everyone has a story of when the man tried to do them wrong. When they needed to argue their way to the top. Raising their voice and demanding change was the only way they could get what they wanted. Having run a small business for a number of years, you better believe I have my own experiences. But of all those times, has complaining ever got me anywhere? Did raising my voice and belittling someone actually work? When the council tried to impose certain things, was it my constant complaints that got the changes?

The Winds Of Change – A Self-Improvement Story

There I was, lying on the couch watching a movie when all of a sudden something had a hold of me. I was unable to move. I’d never experienced anything like this in my previous 38 years and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this. As it played out, my beloved beard had managed to get wedged between my arm and my chest just in that crease commonly known as the armpit. With equal sprinklings of delight and confusion, I wiggled free of my conundrum and continued on with my evening. Happening more frequently as the months went by it brought upon many thoughts about situations I never expected to find myself in. This is my story of self improvement.

Giving Up Alcohol: 60 Days Sober: Learning More About Myself

Today marks 60 days sober. It’s no small feat and one I’m super proud of but it is only just the beginning. In this past month I’ve contacted many friends and asked for their views on what I was like in the thick of my alcoholism. It was a bit of an eye opener, that’s for sure! Read on to find out what I learned. I’ve filtered through words from the personal accounts from a few people I asked.