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a couple of bottles of alcohol and a hip flask

Giving Up Alcohol – Week #1

Like many of us do at some point, I questioned my relationship with alcohol at the end of 2019. If you ask me, I’ve never had a drinking problem as such but I think I could totally drink less. Drinking for me was a simple ‘off switch’ when I’d leave work and a social thing to do with friends. But, and we’ll dive into it further in the coming weeks and months, I will be giving up alcohol for the year 2020.

The Barefoot Ninja, Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason

Daniel Mason is The Barefoot Ninja. Competing on every season of Australia Ninja Warrior, he is the quiet achiever and one of the most influential competitors to date. Mason is… 

Ready to drop in the Rampfest Skate Bowl

“This is the best day ever!” – Taking my 11 y/o nephew to Rampfest!

From the outside, Rampfest is just a big shed, any man’s’ dream really but once inside it gets a whole lot more exciting. Literally more ramps than they could fit inside. There are small beginner ramps just off to the side of the outdoor eating area near the entrance and on the inside is overa 1000²m’s with all the ramps you could dream of including the newly built enclosed skate bowl area. I had brought my 11 year old nephew Alex along today and he was eager to get inside and show me what he’s got.

reeds in the sky

Volume Settings and New Years Resolutions!

I’m flat out one of those people who needs the radio or TV volume set to a multiple of 5. My wife finds it very tiring while I find it impossible to watch or listen to anything until it’s set with a number ending in five or zero. It’s a numbers thing. It needs to be as clear as possible of what I’m trying to achieve. This is why for me, and possibly for many people, New Year’s Resolutions are absolutely critical to the outcome of the deed itself.

learning to cook poached eggs

Learning To Cook – A Beginners Tale.

I do not like food. I know, everyone tells me I’m weird; “How can you not like food?” Well, I do not know, I get frustrated when I need to stop what I’m doing to feed myself and then it takes way too long to eat, especially f&*king rice. Aaaand, nothing to date has really grabbed my taste buds and said, “you need me!” But with everything going on right now, I reckon right bloody now is a great time to learn how to cook, a thing or two about nutrition and being better at understanding what goes into my body. This is me, learning to cook.