The LBR Apparel Program

Join the LiveBreatheRide Apparel Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the Live Breathe Ride apparel program.
LiveBreatheRide is proud to offer athletes, community personalities & small businesses alike the opportunity to produce, market and sell their own range of custom printed clothing. We strive to make the process as simple as possible for you without the high costs typically associated with selling clothing.
Using the highest quality & most cost effective base garments we can find, your branding is represented in the best possible way. Our aim is to add value to your business for you and your customers.

About Our Products & Services

For about a year, we wore a bunch of t-shirts & hoodies from a range of suppliers. In the end we decided on the AS Colour range of clothing. After everything we put them through, they stayed true to size, shape, colour and comfort the longest. They’re also the ones with the most reliable colour selection & stock availability.

We then sat down & found our printers. Each garment is produced to order so we needed a solution with as few hurdles as possible. Our semi-automated system enables us to print and ship from a few locations around Australia to help get the best results, both in speed and print quality.

When deciding on each product price we’re guided by a number of factors both locally and globally. We factor in things like current market rates here in Australia & overseas, giving back to our community, costs of goods sold and ensuring we’re here for the long haul.

From order to receiving the garment, your customers can expect their new clothing to arrive between 5-14 business days later. Factors that define shipping times include stock availability, customer location, order errors and Australia Post.

What's In It For You?

The whole point of the LiveBreatheRide clothing range is to support the local community. In each garment we sold, an increasing amount of profits go directly to our friends on the apparel program. We continually assess and reassess what & how much is passed on but the guide below is where it starts.

  • Our base rate is $5/item sold. This means that for every item with your branding that is sold in one calendar month, we pay you $5.
  • 30+ sales in a calendar month, we pay $7/item in the following month.
  • 50+ sales in a calendar month, we pay $10/item in the following month.

Additionally, if you’re selling 50+ more regularly, we discuss even better rates.

How To Set It Up.

Most of you have your logo sorted already so it makes for a super easy setup. Using the contact us form, register your interest and we’ll request you send your files through, either by email or ‘wetransfer’. We then create the mock-up images and online products. This can take anywhere between 2-7 business days.

File Types

To ensure the best quality products, we require the following file type/s;

  • .ai vector image with outlined text
  • .pdf vector image
  • .png @ 300dpi with a transparent background

Need help designing your logo or files? Contact us for more information & pricing.

Getting The Most From Your Clothing Range

To get the most out of this, we strongly suggest that you promote your products across all of your social media channels. Letting your loyal fans know about your garments is key to helping spread the word. We suggest a few posts, stories and mentions over the course of a few weeks or months to get the most out of them.

Your products will also be automatically added to the LiveBreatheRide Instagram & Facebook shop links and for a small fee, we can create and publish a social post (or post series) to help advertise your new product line.

Additionally, if you’d like to write a blog article with accompanying high quality images, we’re more than happy to add that on our website. Not much of a content writer? Let us help you with that.

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pizza and pull-ups tee - tan
*Mens & Womens options available