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Live Breathe Ride Into The Future

learning how to skate - rampfest skatepark melbourne
Learning to skate at Rampfest skatepark, Melbourne

We've grown heaps, but we're still growing!

It goes without saying, 2020 has not gone to any of our plans but that’s totally fine!! For Live Breathe Ride, this has given ample time to reflect on what we want to achieve and who we want to achieve for. This blog all started from a challenge I’d set myself to stop drinking alcohol for the year (which is going super well and I’ll be blogging about that again soon) and a desire to share my experiences with mental health battles to hopefully help others also fighting.

But from feeling utterly useless in the global pandemic, I figured there must be a way that we can help. Then it dawned on me. Businesses are doing it tough and they need ways of telling their stories, spreading their word and recovering as fast as possible. We tell stories. We shoot photographs. And we have built a platform to share them on. 

In all the down time that the Melbourne lockdown has afforded us, I’ve been studying a small business course and am nearing completion. I’ve learned many new things that I may not have figured out otherwise and it’s helped reshape the direction of this very website.

The online shop and selling Ninja Warrior t-shirts will remain a key focus and way to ensure we can afford to maintain this site, but I think, and you might agree, small business needs a massive helping hand.  “We’re in this together,” they say and I think the distance we’ve had put between us all has helped remind us of how working together is a huge key to a successful life. So this is what we’re doing.

They say, "we're all in this together". Well, now it's time to come out and do our part!

Imagine if we shared local business's news and posts like we share conspiracy theories!

The Live Breathe Ride website and social media platforms will be rife with high quality, shareable content from businesses, athletes and local heroes from around Australia. You may have already seen our photography around the internet in places like the Compound Training or Australian Ninja Federation and the feedback is always great. We think it’s only natural to use our photography to boost our presence and help our friends in business get through the global pandemic we find ourselves in.

Alongside our images, we’re writing blog posts, business reviews, athlete stories and event reports to better your understanding of what is happening in our communities. We’re doing our absolute best to bring to you the stories of people in our community and help you find your next adventure. There’s plenty of information coming to you whether it’s about local business, events or just ways to get you up and moving. Our focus here at Live Breathe Ride is improving the lives of all those around us. We’re doing this through a concerted effort on health, well-being and movement.

Do you know of anyone who has an Australian business that is battling through the pandemic and could benefit from some online help? Mention them in the comments below. Let’s help our friends!

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