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Mental Health: This Is Not Medical Advice

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LiveBreatheRide began as a sort of personal journal for my own mental health.

Writing is very therapeutic and helps decipher many mind battles I endure. As time passed and I incorporated many other aspects into this website, my personal documentation took a back seat. I mean, consistency is not a strong point of mine, so it was to be expected.

Moving forward, with a little kick in the butt from a few things, I’m hoping to reignite my public journalling and provide you with a window into my world. There’s a greater plan here too with the dream to help others tell their stories and spread kindness throughout the world.

While I’m super excited to restart the sharing of my journey, I must begin with a warning. These tales I tell are not any sort of medical advice. I may write about things that worked wonders for myself, as may other people when they (hopefully) come to tell us their stories.

Inspiration, perhaps but not a guide. Not a scientifically backed research paper & not anything more than a story from my journey and that of others. While I hope that the words we write help you in some way, that you may find your own voice or simply you feel heard via someone else’s experience, I cannot tell you to take this as anything more than an experience we shared.

With that, please read on and join us on our journey.
If you find anything that resonates with you, please let us know. If you feel you need help, please – and I cannot stress this enough – put your hand up, reach out & seek help. Please.

With Love,

Confidential Reach Out

If you feel you need to speak to someone but you’re not sure who, use this form and we’ll open our ears. 

Know that what we discuss is confidential. Always.

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