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My 2 Years Sober – New Years Resolutions & How I Quit Booze

my 2 years sober

My 2 years sober all started with a New Years Resolution. A well thought out plan, a question for myself and a thirst for life but mostly just a New Years Resolution that stuck so well it’s now two full years on and going strong.

As 2019 was drawing to a close, my mental health was rapidly declining. I threw my hands in the air, jumped into the deep end of sobriety and learned how to swim having spent a number of years prior trying a few days here, a month there and even a 100 day stint without booze. Each time I walked away with a new lesson and, discovering how everything we eat & drink directly affects our lives, realised the hugely negative results of one of my favourite activities.

I made a New Years resolution to go sober for the year 2020. I didn’t know the world was about to change significantly or that drinking alcohol was going to be one of the biggest, most popular things to do but internally, I knew I had to change. It was a thickness in the gut that said, “there is so much more to life” and so I listened.

The Plan To Get & Stay Sober

This very website became a staple part of my plan to get sober. To really understand what was happening as I progressed through my sobriety journey I planned to write something at every stage. Each week, month & then every main milestone like 6 months, 1 year, and now to tell about my two years sober, writing it down was the plan to document my moods, energies, thoughts and discoveries.

Is Drinking Alcohol Worth It?

Had you asked me this in early 2019, I would have said a loud, “Hells Yes!” But that was more based on life with alcohol. To answer that properly I would need to try life without alcohol fuelled madness. The short answer; No. Alcohol is not worth it.

FOMO & A Thirst For Life

One of the biggest hurdles I faced when considering giving up drinking was that I was very high functioning. Alcohol very rarely stopped me from living the life I wanted and was under the impression that my boozy haze added atmosphere & excitement to my world. The fear of missing out (FOMO) was very real.

Results After My 2 Years Sober

The plan worked. Regularly writing a few words when I think of them even if it was just a small note in my phone, that helped immensely. The whole point was to concrete my thoughts into my mind & solidify why I was sober by dissecting them to better understand my mind & body. At the other end of 2 years sober I can safely say I have a greater grasp on my entire life. 

Publishing some of those words here on LiveBreatheRide and sharing some sober milestones on my socials was also huge for connecting with fellow soberists and even brands who are helping improve the offerings for those choosing the sober life.

Be sure to check through my previous stories of my sober journey, if you’d like!

Did The Global Pandemic Help Stay Sober?

My drinking was almost always a solo mission. Giving up alcohol improved relationships beyond any measurable quantity. When asked recently if I thought the pandemic helped or hindered a sober quest, I’d say it depends on the person. As I said, I mostly drank alone so had I not made the plan I did, it would have certainly made things incredibly tough. Add to that the insta-trend of a ‘cheeky beer or wine’ and I could have easily been a social winner. And for those who only drink with friends may have had a different result as I did notice a few cheeky boozy zoom crawls.

My 2 Years Sober Helped Me Save Over $10k

Alcohol isn’t worth the cost to the pocket or the mind, I’ve come to decide. Financially, based on a very approximate & averaged spend, I’ve saved over $10k in the two years sober. Mentally, I am stronger than I have ever been, more stable and have a greater understanding of how my mind is working. Money aside, even if I put that $10k on red and lost, I am still better off without my nightly boozin’. Having greater control & understanding of my own damn mind is hugely powerful.

As high functioning as I was, nothing compares to using every waking minute to its full potential. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I enjoyed the Sinatra quote, “I feel sorry for those who don’t drink because when they wake up in the morning, that’s the best they’re gonna feel all day.” While this may be mostly true, rising early with all the energy in the world is unbeatable. Being able to grab life with both hands and live it to it’s fullest is flat out amazing!

Surround Yourself With The Right People

A big part of my success lies directly in the people I put in my corner. Removing peer pressure and unnecessary temptations meant that even heading out to parties where alcohol was flowing freely were a simple task. The added bonus was being the free & safe ride home for some of my friends too. That is always an honour and feels like paying the universe back for the amount of times I’ve gotten home safely.

Fighting The Temptation To Drink

At every big milestone, 2 years sober included, I’ve felt the need to crack a can to end my streak. But while there’s a weird FOMO from not drinking, it’s a pretty quick shift to fear of missing out on a full life that eases any urge to have a drink.

Staying Sober for 2 Years

After two years of sporadically writing, I think I may have said all that I can about my sobriety. Suppose there’s only so many times I can say, “I HAVE SO MUCH ENERGY!” lol. But from here on out, while I’ll still keep track of my thoughts, emotions and each way my body responds to what I eat & drink, my notes will mostly remain just for me. Maybe I’ll post it here someday too, or maybe I won’t. Time will tell, but let me know if there’s any other things you’d like to know…

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