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Ninja Semi Final Results – Australian Ninja Warrior Semi Final 3

Wooh, the Ninja Semi Final results are in and boy oh boy what an episode. The 3rd episode of the Australian Ninja Warrior semi finals aired tonight and to say the field was stacked is a gross understatement. Twelve, yes 12 contestants tonight have previously been in the ANW Grand Final. So many of yours & our favourites like the Barefoot Ninja, Daniel Mason, the big man Alex Bigg, Ninja nerds Todd Smith & Nathan Burley and none other than Mike Snow are up and battling for the last of the places in the Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final.

Let’s get into it.

The Australian Ninja Warrior Semi Final 3 Obstacles

  • Log Runner
  • Double Dipper to Cargo Net
  • Pipe Climber
  • Flying Shelf Grab to Cork Screw to Shelf Grab
  • Dragons Back
  • 4.35m Warped Wall
  • Spinball Wizard
  • Spider Jump
  • Chimney Rope Climb

Ninja Semi Final Results - Australian Ninja Warrior Episode 7

First, let's look at the Semi Finals course

First up on the Ninja semi final #3 was Western Australia’s Zed Colback. With a great ROOOAAAR, Zed took the the course and was looking super clean, smooth and fast. Enjoying the experience and looked reasonably comfortable his entire run. It was because of this effortlessness that to see him in the water was a huge surprise. The Spinball Wizard – a tricky obstacle with tiny handles that rotate while it swings around – proved to be the nights Ninja dream crusher.

Following Zed we had two absolutely devastating splashouts. Celeste Dixon and Barefoot Dan Mason. Absolutely gutted for both ninjas.

Zed Coleback

Coleback’s brother-in-law, Sam Goodall followed after the ad break and with an incredible run, took up the entire next block of action till the following block of ads. In a time of 7:41, Sam muscled his way through the entire course. By the looks of it, the final rope feeds through the safety platform and potentially making using your feet more difficult than normal. Sam got there in the end and smashed the elusive Australian Ninja Warrior Semi Final buzzer.

Returning Ninja, Sam Goodall

  • Katie Sparrow – Double Dipper
  • Josh O’Sullivan – Some good solid effort on the Dragon Back but fell on the Spinball Wizard
  • Peter Day – Flying Shelf
  • Stewart Furze – Spinball Wizard
  • Troy Cullen – Another favourite to fall off the Spinball Wizard

The Bigg Ninja, Alex Bigg

"I promise I won't hit the water" Alex Bigg

Alex Bigg knows the power of family. Having your crew on the sidelines is bloody awesome and having your child as your training partner is even better. Hitting buzzers knowing that it’s not just you hitting that buzzer but also your child makes every bit of grit so much more important. It gives you drive and strength that you didn’t know was there. With that, there was no way The Bigg Ninja was falling into the water. With a time of 6:01, Bigg had – at the time – the fastest run of the night.

  • Jeremy Soffe – Spinball Wizard
  • Chris White – Only just dabbed his shoes on the Dragon Back
  • Le Hua – Spinball Wizard
  • Nathan Burley – Dragon Back
  • Luke Filippi – Big Dipper

Todd Smith, proving he is a top ninja and a worthy opponent, made his way comfortably and quickly to the top of the rope and hit the buzzer with a blistering time of 6:34. At that point, he was headed to the Power Tower. But then we had one more ninja to run the course.


With Mum on the big screen and a few supporters on his sidelines proudly displaying Mike’s ‘RUN SMO’ t-shirts, Mike was off and running. Barely taking a break between obstacles – only a few times did he slow down & only to acknowledge the crowd – Snow moved cleanly along the course. Even with the (potentially) more difficult rope set up, Mike made light work of the rope by using his legs & feet from the bottom. Hitting the buzzer calmly with his forehead, Mikes time of 4 minutes 52 seconds was the fastest for the night.

For the record, Mikes time was 3rd fastest in all of the Semi Finals. Jake Baker in Semi Final 2 had a time of 4:15 while Zak Stolz in the first ANW Semi Final had a time of only 3:36.

Mike 'Stunty' Snow

Again, the Semi Final Power Tower gives the winner a pretty darn good bonus. He or she who wins the Power Tower gets a second chance in the Grand Final. That puts the pressure on because that is one heck of an advantage going into the final couple of Ninja Warrior courses for season 5.

This was one race you couldn’t call. Neck & neck the entire time, Mike looked to make his way up the big 1.3m steps pretty easily with his parkour & stunt background but Alex Bigg is, well, big. Mike was one hand in front as they headed to the 3 cliffhangers. This race, after watching each other on the cargo net then the whole way through the shelf grab, it was down to the last shelf. I thought Alex was going to get it on a better swing but it was Mike Snow who got there, with not even a second in it. Well done!

Mike Snow
Alex Bigg

Australian Ninja Warrior Semi-Final 3 RESULTS:
Top 8 going through to the Grand Finals

  1. Mike Snow – Complete: 4:52 – Power Tower Winner
  2. Alex Bigg – Complete: 6:01
  3. Todd Smith – Complete: 6:34
  4. Sam Goodall – Complete: 7:41
  5. Josh O’Sullivan – Spinball Wizard
  6. Le Hua – Spinball Wizard
  7. Troy Cullen – Spinball Wizard
  8. Jeremy Soffe – Spinball Wizard

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