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Ninja Warrior Jake Murray: Video & Photos from the NCL

ninja warrior jake murray at the Ninja challenge league finals perth australia

Jake Murray at the Ninja Challenge League FINALS in 2018

American Ninja Warrior fan favourite, Jake Murray was one of the wildcard entries at the 2018 Ninja Challenge League FINALS. Along with a whole host of international guests, Murray showed us he wasn’t here to f&ck spiders. 

Jake is a wedding photographer from Colorado, USA and brings a lot of fun & excitement to any ninja course. Not only that, Jake displayed his skills perfectly, making it to the incredibly tough stage 3 at the NCL finals. Even a couple of injuries didn’t stop him from dominating the NCL final stages.

While we’re taking a look back at past Australian ninja competitions, why not watch every one of his NCL runs? Provided by the Ninja Challenge League YouTube, here they all are in one neat little package. Enjoy.

Video of Ninja Warrior on All Stages of the Ninja Challenge League

Ninja Warrior Jake Murray - Photos from the Ninja Challenge League

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