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Ninja Warrior Photos From The Compound Ninja, Bayswater

ninja warrior photos from the Compound in Bayswater

Ninja Warrior Photos at The Compound

You’ve been patiently waiting for the Ninja Warrior photos from the August episode of The Compound Ninja Series and here they are!

August is never a busy month and with only 9 athletes in the Elite Ninja category, this Ninja Competition was proof of that.

It’s the end of Winter, middle of the school term and most of us are tired. But even still, Clem and The Compound Crew always host a good competition for their members and anyone else who’s interested.

There's Always One

No matter what level you’re at, when or which Ninja competition you enter, every time without fail, there’s going to be an obstacle that threatens to trip up the ninjas more than the others.

This month, that was the Lache to Box to Lache. Ninjas and Ninja Elites had to swing from one bar to a loose and wobbly box and then onto the following bar. While the box was reasonably stable for the Ninja field, those competing with the Ninja Elite had to navigate this tricky challenge with the box standing up on its end.

Too much lache would push it over, not enough and the box was sent toppling the other way. Only four Elite Ninjas made it past the the box that tripped up the remaining five. 

ninja warrior photos - the trickiest of obstacles

The Compound Ninja: August 2022

Regardless of whether you made it past the Box obstacle or not, all athletes were encouraged to progress through the rest of the course. 

With a few different direction changes and a very grip-taxing course, competitors soon found out just how tough Ninja Warrior can be. Many of the obstacle you might face are reasonably simple on their own but throw them in quick succession, plus the bonus of a simple 90° or 180° turn and you have yourself a very tough course. It is exactly why three of the four Elite Ninja Warriors to make it past the box didn’t get beyond the Swinging Cliffhanger.

With all that said, every single competitor left their best effort on the course. From Bec who entered her very first Compound Ninja Competition to Australian Ninja Warrior star, Daniel Mason and every single athlete in between.

The Compound Ninja: August 2022 Results


Bec – 2:26


  1. Dee – 2:04.72 – Cliffhanger 2
  2. Joel – 2:26.25 – Cliffhanger 2
  3. Shony – 1:33.28 – Cliffhanger 1
  4. Lachie
  5. Aaron
  6. Kyle
  7. Alec
  8. Anne
  9. Tucky
  10. Liv

Ninja Elite

  1. Daniel Mason – 3:43.50 – Finish
  2. Michael – 0:51.63 – Cliffhanger 2
  3. Clem – 1:32.90 – Cliffhanger 2
  4. Dan Smith
  5. Leo
  6. Ash
  7. Paul
  8. Steve T
  9. Steve A

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