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Olivia Vivian Makes Australian Ninja Warrior History

luke Schmitzer on Australian Ninja Warrior

Olivia Vivian Makes Ninja History

Olivia Vivian is easily, in our opinion, one of the best athletes we’ve ever seen on Australian Ninja Warrior. And in the first Semi-Final  of Season 6, Olivia makes Ninja Warrior History! More of that in a little bit though.

The Semi-Finals this season put Ninja vs Ninja in a race to the Buzzer. A polarising decision by the producers, there’s much debate over whether the races are fair or even that good. For a lot of Ninjas, the draw card to our sport is the challenge against yourself and the course. It’s all on you. But the addition of another Ninja breathing down your neck is enough to make uncharacteristic mistakes. 

A few times a year, local Ninja Warrior competitions run a head to head format. They’re always an exciting spectacle but matchups are typically based qualifying rounds or random selection so the pairings for the reality TV show seemed a little forced, I suppose.

ANW 2022: Semi-Final 1 Course

The head to head course started on the Sprinting Steps, onto the Launchpad to Trapeze and then the 7 meter Log Dash. Ninjas then climb two rungs of the Salmon Ladder and move onto the Ring Toss. The 5th obstacle is the Wing Nuts. Then completing the head to head is up the 4.35 meter Warped Wall. Reports were that there was a lot of rain delays during filming, which seemed evident by the amount of great ninjas battling to find grip on the Wall.

The Ninja who presses the Buzzer first was able to progress onto the back half of the Semi-Final course. Walking through the Commentary Tower, Ninjas move to the Double Dipper, a tough obstacle that requires a good solid understanding of movement.

Returning from last season are the Beehives. After completing the three Beehives, Ninjas move onto the Dragon’s Back and finally up a cargo net to another Buzzer.

Teacher vs Student, Husband vs Wife...

Bald guy vs bald guy? The drama of these pairing was interesting. But the great thing with Ninja Warrior is absolutely anything can and probably will happen.

Despite what anyone thinks about the head to head battles, what wasn’t focussed on enough was the support amongst ninjas. Eddie waiting for his wife to scale the Wall and Twitch cheering on Kahil Evans before hitting the Buzzer and moving onto the back half of the course. We’ve mentioned it before, the community within Ninja is second to none.

Olivia Vivian

Ok, friends. Olivia Vivian. Going head to head against Dual Olympian Georgia Bonora, Vivian had her work cut out for her. 

Perhaps it was the pressure of racing a Ninja powerhouse but a small error put Georgia into a painful collision with the platform after obstacle one and Olivia had the course to herself. A brief look back but right back down to business.

Unfortunately the video below doesn’t show the full run but in one minute and seventeen seconds, Olivia had scaled the Warped Wall and hit the Buzzer.

From there it was the second half of the first Semi Final course. Vivian stayed composed the whole time. Focussed on the top and moving with precision. No unnecessary movement or energy spent but just enough to be the first ever female in the world to get Furthest Fastest in a Semi-Final on Ninja Warrior with a time of 4:16.20 plus that Grand Final advantage.

So tell me, leave a comment below, what do you think of the head to head battles?

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Moving Through to the Semi-Finals

  1. Olivia Vivian 4:16
  2. Fred Dorrington – 4:17
  3. Jordan Papandrea
  4. Warwick Draper
  5. Bryson Klein
  6. James Sayers
  7. Minato Thomas
  8. Alex Bigg
  9. Luke Schmitzer
  10. Matt Mosca
  11. Eddie Burrill
  12. Aiden Princena-White

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