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OMG – Opening My Gym!

We're super excited to be reopening our gyms, but there are some significant changes.

OMG! Opening My Gym! As Melbourne gyms reopen, there’s many things that have changed. We’re all super excited to finally be able to travel farther than 25 kilometres and even more keen to head back to our beloved gyms. But as we know, they’ve just endured possibly the toughest challenge businesses have, or ever will have to get through. They’re going to need our help to make it through safely. There is a lot at stake.

Oooh Yay, It’s Exciting

OK, we’re heading back to the gym. Heck yes this is exciting. We’re eager to catch up and train with our friends again. But Covid, as much as I wish I wasn’t writing about that, is still a threat. We need to be safe, keep our distance and at the time of writing this, wear a mask. Try to resist hugs and high-fives. 

Bookings Are Essential

As we’re all aware, there are still many limits on what we can do and with how many people. For this reason, along with just wanting to be better for their clients, many gyms have stepped up their online booking systems. Jump onto their websites (listed below) and be sure to utilise this feature. For the foreseeable future, this is how it’s going to have to work.

Turn Up!

When you do make a booking, please make sure you actually turn up. No-shows pretty much mean that’s a spot that someone else could have taken. As we’ve already mentioned, small business have taken a huge hit and therefore some gyms may need to have missed appointment fees. Some gyms have mentioned there are 1 session per person per day. This is so everyone has the chance to get down and train.

Read The Rules & Follow Them

A lot is at stake here. Businesses are already under a lot of pressure having being told they must remain closed for most of 2020. Now as Melbourne gyms reopen, the rules & subsequent fines if they’re broken are tough, to say the least. Ensuring compliance with government guidelines and laws, gyms owners and staff will be making sure rules are clear, understood and may need to speak to clients if there are concerns. Respect them on this. Please don’t argue. Wear the mask. 

Be Kind To Your Body

For many of us, we haven’t trained properly in almost 6 months. That’s a long time when we’re talking about strength and conditioning. When you go too hard too fast, you can cause damage or worse, injury. Take the time to ease back into full speed ahead training. But I mean, you know your body. You do you, mate!


Business owners are already under a lot of pressure...

Support Local Small Business

The following businesses offered their time and assistance when writing this article. We’re stoked they found even just a few minutes before they get to reopen and see their friends and clients again. Let’s all get out and show them some love!

OMG - Opening My Gym

The Compound Training

Bayswater, Vic.

0438 570 083

dynamic martial arts

Dynamic Martial Arts

Forest Hill, Vic.

0418 569 858

Rampfest Skate Park

Braebrook, Vic.

(03) 9311 3998

charlie robbins ninja warrior fighting lyons

Fighting Lyons Gym

Essendon North, Vic.

(03) 9374 2440