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Ordering Ninja T-shirts: Australia Post Shipping Delays

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Delays in shipping

Ordering ninja t-shirts online here at LiveBreatheRide has been really popular this year. We’re stoked to see more & more people young & old supporting our top Australian Ninja Warriors. Recently however, we’ve noticed that they’re taking a little bit longer to reach you once they’ve left our warehouse.

Australia Post made an announcement recently explaining their situation. 

“Extended lockdowns across our most populous states mean record numbers of people are shopping online. This has caused an unprecedented surge in parcel deliveries.

It goes on and you can read their full statement here but it falls short of explaining how much of a delay we’re set to experience.

How long will my Ninja T-shirt order take?

What we’re seeing is about an extra week added to our shipping times. While there’s no official delay times mentioned (that we can see) we are seeing a much more detailed tracking list on the AusPost website. If you’re concerned and need it chased up, be sure to reach out and we’ll follow it up with AusPost.

We try to keep you informed and as soon as your order ships, we send you an email with the tracking details. (If you haven’t received any order emails, check your junk email mailbox or log into your LBR account and search for your orders.)

T-shirts remaining ON SALE

Due to the delays in shipping, we’ve extended the sale price on all our products until at least the end of December, 2021. All tees are down from $49.95 to a low $38.99. 

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