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Our Top 3 Australian Ninja Warriors in 2021

some of Australia's top ninja warriors at The Compound Training

Who Will Win Australian Ninja Warrior in 2021?

The crew at Australian Ninja Warrior have just announced the news. If you’re following the top ninjas on social media, you’ll have no doubt seen them post the latest video from ANW. Ninja Warrior is coming back! When exactly? June 20th is the date when Season 5 of Australian Ninja Warrior hits our screens again and we cannot wait!

So with that news, let’s take a look at 3 ninjas who are not only our favourites, but based upon t-shirt sales, they’re yours too! Let’s take a quick stroll through previous seasons and get (more) stoked about the upcoming season.

Olivia Vivian

Fan Favourite, Olivia Vivian at a Melbourne Ninja comp

Olivia Vivian needs no introduction.

Easily one of the most recognisable stars from Ninja Warrior in Australia, Olivia’s fan base stretches far & wide. Forever the crowd pleaser, Vivian shows anyone, young & old, how to be strong, determined and have fun the entire time. The clip below is the first time we saw Olivia, back in 2017 on Season 1.

Ashlin "flAshlin' Herbert

Ashlin Herbert - Ninja Warrior at The Compound Training

Ashlin Herbert effortlessly floats through any obstacle without a care in the world. His non-stop progression through each obstacle in front of him, Ashlin earns his nickname flAshlin with the obvious speed in which he gets to the end of the course. There’s a saying that goes, Slow is smooth but smooth is fast. Herbert embodies this and is one of the smoothest athletes on the Ninja Warrior course making him also one of the fastest.

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Daniel Mason
The Barefoot Ninja

Daniel 'Barefoot Ninja' Mason - Australian Ninja Warrior

Daniel Mason is The Barefoot Ninja. A fierce competitor on every season of Australian Ninja Warrior but is 2021 his year? Will the Barefoot Ninja take the top prize this year?

We’re excited to watch the whole series this year and keeping a close eye on Mason is a huge part of that. He’s always a fun & exciting competitor to watch at our local Ninja comps like the Ninja Challenge League so no doubt this year on Season 5 of Australian Ninja Warrior, he’ll be one to watch.

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