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Push-Up Tutorial – Eve’s Corner

It’s been school holidays and Mum has let me use her computer to video call my friends. It’s been great since we’re in this lockdown. One thing we have done is push-ups. Mostly, I take the stuff I learned from my Dad and at MAGA and try to teach my friends. Anyway, I thought I’d make a video to show more kids how I do push-ups and maybe inspire you guys to do some as well! Please, watch my push-up tutorial video below!

Eve's Corner - Fitness

Push ups are my favourite because you don’t need any equipment. Just you and the floor. They also help build up your muscles!

I learned how to do push ups at home with my Dad. Also MAGA (Melbourne Acrobatic Gymnastics Academy) helped me learn some new ways. We did push ups with wide arms and on my toes. Push ups with close hands and elbows tucked in are the ones I do the most.

I started with 2 at a time but with practice, I got better. After about a year, I worked up to more and can do about 10. Whenever there’s a spare moment, I do them all through the day.

You should do push ups because they can help in your daily life. You will get heaps stronger. Also when you start to do them more often you will probably think that they are fun.

Thank you. Please watch my video below.


*note: there are plenty of ways to do push-ups and I’m not a trained professional. I like doing them with my Dad and learning the right way. I hope you enjoy my video and get down to do some push-ups too.