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Scooter Tricks – Beginner to Pro at Rampfest Crown Scooter Comp

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scooter tricks by pro scoot at Rampfest indoor skatepark melbourne

Scooter tricks that help build better kids

Learning scooter tricks is a fantastic way for kids to grow. For quiet & shy kids it’s a chance to develop life skills, build confidence and embrace their individuality. For the fast paced, more hyperactive child it’s one of the best ways to channel their energy and teach laser focus.

A local scooter comp – like the one the Rampfest Indoor Skatepark hosted over the weekend in Melbourne – is a fantastic way to showcase their scooter skills. Not unlike a dance concert, the smaller grassroots level scooter competitions give parents the opportunity to see what their kids are up to, how well they’ve progressed and what they’re striving to accomplish. The biggest difference between a scooter comp – or any grassroots action sport competition – and a dance concert is the atmosphere.

Rampfest have been hosting grassroots events & competitions for years but they’re stepping it up even more right now. In the midst of everything going on in the world, they’re working tirelessly to bring you the goods. It’s been super tough for small business this past year or so and events are one of the things to take a huge hit.

Rhys Rogers takes first place at local scooter comp

Rhys Rogers doing scooter tricks in local scoot comp

The Rampfest Crown scooter comp was originally set for June but got pushed back a month due to another lockdown. At the heart of what Rampfest does is building a strong, community based culture so it was no surprise that entries to this scooter comp came in thick & fast. Unfortunately however, due to border closures and travel uncertainty, numbers were slightly down on previous events. But thanks to the ever-stoked & professional staff at Rampfest, this local scooter comp felt just as big as any other.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and give you a full scooter trick list, play by play or analysis of every scooter trick possible. I don’t know enough about scootering to do that. But after years of experience in BMX – amongst a host of other action sports – I feel comfortable in saying that the level of tricks here is phenomenal.

In recent times, let’s say the last 10 years or so, action sport progression is much faster than ever before. When kids aren’t outside practicing, they’re watching scooter tricks on youtube learning more about how to do tricks on a scooter. The easiest way to see this is the age at which kids are stepping up. Kids are dropping into bigger ramps at a younger age and the lines between beginner & pro are being blurred. Perhaps the electronic devices aren’t all bad?

Beginner to Pro - The Rampfest Crown local scooter comp

local scooter comp at rampfest

Another thing to note right now is the support. This local scooter comp was one of the first chances these kids & young adults got to get together, show their skills and connect with other like minded people since early 2020. I think it goes to show how the great work Rampfest are doing to build the community is making supportive, helpful & resilient kids. Everyone – both parents and peers – watched on while kids young & old had their competition runs and cheered at every landed trick.

But this was a scooter comp and what is a comp without the results? Below you’ll find the top 3 from each category. See you at the next comp!

Rampfest Crown Pro Scoot Results:
1. Rhys Rogers – 194 points
2. Jack Oneil – 182 points
3. Dylan Morrison – 174 points
Rampfest Crown Am Scoot Results:
1. Sienna Willoughby
Rampfest Crown AM Scoot Results:
1. Felix Corcorani
2. Jay Marshall
3. Brad Wade
Rampfest Crown U/14 Scoot Results:
1. Taj Shambrook
2. Cooper Clement
3. Jules Walker-Pierce
Rampfest Crown U/12 Scoot Results:
1. Kevin Jeffery
2. Benjamin Dichiera
3. Anders Salmon

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