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Challenge Accepted: Sober February!

Hopefully you’ve been following along on my own sobriety posts this year and enjoying hearing my tales. A big part of why I’m writing this is to perhaps inspire more people to give it a shot so this February, I challenge you to put the booze away and go 29* days without alcohol! Let’s do Sober February!

Sober FebruaryAs we all know, February is the shortest month of the year so it’s a perfect tester to try going sober for yourself. Being a leap year, it has a bonus day so I figured to make it a little easier you can have a “Day Pass” to use once at some point throughout the month. One calendar day to have a few drinks and break it up so really, it’s just two 14 day sober sessions. Sounds easy, right!?

Sober Starts: February 1st, 0:00am

As the clock strikes midnight on January 31st, 2020, it’s time to put away the booze and go to bed. The challenge awaits you. Have a glass of water and get some rest.

Get some friends involved

This is going to be much easier if you have friends challenging themselves alongside you. If they’re not able to join in, recruit them as your cheer squad. Are you one of the cheer squad? Be supportive. This is no small feat your friends are attempting and your words of encouragement could be what gets them through!

One Day Off

It’s just 29 days but if you feel you’re not going to make it or there’s a party you can’t do without a few bevvys, you’re allowed one day to enjoy a few drinks. Don’t forget how tough those first few days are though. If you do have a break day, be strong when you come back!

Ends Midnight on Saturday, February 29th!

That’s it! You’re done! Awesome work. The last day of the LiveBreatheRide Sober Challenge is Saturday the 29th of February 2020. I’m sure you’ll get there in flying colours. This is a great time to reminisce on the time you had sober. Remember how each day felt and how you feel now after 28 or 29 days alcohol free!

Perhaps leave us a comment and tell us your story!

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