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The Compound Ninja Warrior Competition Series, June 2022

2022 ninja warrior

2022 Ninja Warrior Competition at The Compound

The Compound Ninja is the perfect proving ground for Ninjas of all skill levels. In June 2022, Clem Vertigan put together the 4th of their 8 part competition series, held in Bayswater, Melbourne. This round hosted not only a few new obstacles that Ninjas were excited and perhaps a little terrified to try, but also a new run order format.

The New Format

As Australian Ninja Warrior airs on TV tonight, we see the young guns of Australia go head to head with the seasoned Ninja Warrior veterans. The line between rookie and experience is well blurred now. 

This comes to mind when looking at the new format tested this weekend at The Compound. Previously, almost an entire new course would be designed for Rookies, Ninjas and Ninja Elites. While this worked really well to ensure everyone felt they had an achievable course the new system goes a little further than that.

All ninjas started on the same 7 obstacles:

Rope Swing – Steps – Pipe Traverse – Cargo Net – Monkey Bars – Rings – Balance Beams

From there, depending on what level you chose, your course went as follows


went straight to the Medium Warped Wall


After successfully completing the first 7 obstacles, ninjas went onto 3x Laches – Cannonball Alley – Jaws – Medium Warped Wall

Ninja Elite

After the first 7 obstacles, plus the 3 Ninja additional obstacles (skipping the Medium Wall) Ninja Elite went onto the Cat Leap – Swinging Cliff Hanger – Large Warped Wall

compound ninja

The Compound Ninja: Quick Review

The first obstacle is typically an easy one and the weekend’s course proved that with everyone gliding through. Ninjas didn’t need to use every step so that meant we saw some unique routes through that and onto the Pipe Traverse, Cargo Net, Monkey Bars and the Rings. After all that however, the balance meant Ninjas had to slow down and focus a little more. A mid-run balance obstacle always throws you off and although simple, the Balance Beams took out a couple of Ninjas.

Returning from a non-Ninja related injury, Danielle Thompson was the only ‘Rookie” so took the podium. Three out of the top five Ninjas were women, further proving the skill lines are being blurred. Only two Ninjas completed their course, Kyle Creek and Maddie Fisher both with huge efforts and personal achievements.

Onto the Ninja Elite and with many top Ninjas away for the Winter, 10 Ninjas battled it out. Claiming to “take it easy” cupcake fan Ben Davies was the only person to complete the entire course and make it up the big Warped Wall to hit the Buzzer in 3:42.56.

After Daniel Mason in second, Vivek Mishra made his first appearance in the top ten at a Ninja Warrior competition and comfortably placed in 3rd.

The Compound Ninja: Results


Danielle Thompson


  1. Kyle Creek 3:04.85 – Completed
  2. Maddie Fisher 4:52.53 – Completed
  3. Anne Reid 2:30.98 – Cannonballs
  4. Tuckey Beadel 2:43.42 – Cannonballs
  5. Liv Prisco-Durst 3:09.54 – Cannonballs
  6. Lachie Readers 2:04.20 – 3 Laches
  7. Joel Richardson 2:25.33 – Balance Beams
  8. Chris Jones 1:34.42- Balance Beams
  9. Hayley Brown 1:41.03 – Balance Beams
  10. Alec Richardson 1:58.94- Balance Beams
  11. Gabe Oyarzo 0:50.71 – Rings

Ninja Elite

  1. Ben Davies 3:45.56 – Completed
  2. Daniel Mason 2:10.53 – Cat Leaps
  3. Vivek Mishra 3:46.70 – Cat Leaps
  4. Steve Axis 2:10.42 – Jaws
  5. Kadeem Aarons 2:18.78 – Jaws
  6. Clem Vertigan 2:22.77 – Jaws
  7. Steve Taylor-Madin 2:31.22 – Jaws
  8. Daniel Smith 2:42.01 – Jaws
  9. Paul Reid 2:46.53 – Jaws
  10. Darren Baker 2:46.71 – Jaws

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