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The Faces Of Ninja Warrior – Portraits of our Ninjas

the faces of ninja warrior

The Faces of Ninja Warrior - LiveBreatheRide

These are many of the faces of Ninja Warrior in Australia. If you speak to anyone, it’s the people that make up a community. I mean, duh, but within the strong community of Australian Ninja Warriors, the people are something else. Strong, fit & each with their own unique characteristics. 

At a small local ninja comp at The Compound Training’s old outdoor ninja venue, while Troy grabbed the action shots, Gorak used his Nikon to make portraits of the ninjas before their competition run. Ninjas from all walks of life stood waiting for the whistle to blow and their run to begin and I shoved my camera in their face and asked them to smile. Luckily enough, although stealthy, Ninja Warriors are some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet and obliged my requests for photos.

Below we have portraits of many ninjas including Amy Reynolds, Natalie Linsdell, Troy Cullen, Jake Baker, Clem Vertigan, Peter Cornish, Paul Lyons, Kadeem Aarons, Ashlin Herbert, Fred Dorrington, Daniel & Maddi Mason & more. Absolute a crew of elite ninja warriors.

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