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The Journey To Ninja Warrior Starts Here

the journey to ninja warrior

The Journey to Ninja Warrior starts with the first obstacle

The journey to Ninja Warrior starts with the first obstacle, right? If you’re an avid fan of Ninja Warrior you’ll know just how many people fall on the first obstacle. Nerves get the better of almost everyone at some stage so the format for the Fighting Lyons Ultimate Ninja competition is just the right way to kick off your ninja career.

We’ve mentioned before how the competition runs but separated into three different courses and one combined endurance run, the Ultimate Ninja offers up four opportunities to step up to the plate and conquer the first obstacle.

The three first obstacles at the June edition of the monthly Ultimate Ninja competition were as follows; Quintuple Steps, Sawtooth & Cannonball to Nunchuck Lache. The endurance run started with the Sawtooth.

michael mischefski at the first obstacle

You don't actually need to be strong to start ninja

I think we’ll go into further detail with this at a later date but the fact that anyone can get involved and start competing at local ninja warrior competitions is huge. 

At Fighting Lyons this month, we saw people at all different stages of the journey to Ninja Warrior. From seasoned veterans to new ninjas who’ve only been training for “a month at most.”

While a good level of strength and fitness will go a long way, the Ultimate Ninja competition series gives you a taste for ninja competition and pushes you to train more.

If that’s not the kick in the butt you’re after, the supportive community at Fighting Lyons sure will be! While it was one of those blistering cold afternoons in Melbourne, the warm embrace of the competitors’ sideline support made up for it.

Forever inclusive, both Michael Mischefski and Ash Campbell only designed the course in the hours just prior to competition starting but managed to add obstacles for everyone at every skill and strength level.


How did todays' journey to ninja warrior play out?

One key to Mischefski’s plan is that to keep the competition flowing smoothly, different stages can run at the same time. With competitors on the balance, there was another group on the swing and technique section. This made for a quick competition but made it difficult to photograph everything while also a competitor myself.

Stand out would be the confident runs of young ninja, Luke Davis. Managing to be the only competitor to complete the entire endurance course put him well and truly on top of the podium.

Another standout was the incredible efforts put in by new ninja Nicole. Having only been training ninja for a very short time, to already be competing so well is extraordinary. Nicole has a very bright future indeed.

So what's stopping your journey to ninja warrior?

Nothing, right?!

Get up and get down to Fighting Lyons, start training and conquer the first obstacle, today!

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