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“This is the best day ever!” – Taking my 11 y/o nephew to Rampfest!

From the outside, Rampfest is just a big shed, any man’s’ dream really but once inside it gets a whole lot more exciting. Literally more ramps than they could fit inside. There are small beginner ramps just off to the side of the outdoor eating area near the entrance and on the inside is overa 1000²m’s with all the ramps you could dream of including the newly built enclosed skate bowl area. I had brought my 11 year old nephew Alex along today and he was eager to get inside and show me what he’s got.

Watch your kids at Rampfest Skatepark


I suppose it’s normal these days, but we had a safety briefing and filled out the standard forms then paid our reasonable entry fees and in we went! We got there bright and early so it hadn’t gotten too busy yet but a few hours later, it’s clear that Rampfest gets pretty busy. I suggest you book in online to ensure you get a roll!

Now, where to start?

There’s lots to choose from but we went with the bowl. It’s big, brand new and, well, I’m just a big fan of bowls. There’s a small and easy roll in that for my 9 y/o daughter, was hugely beneficial because she could get in comfortably and begin at the bottom to work her way up. For kids (and adults) that are new to this sort of sport, starting small is a great option to limit the times you fall over.

From there we ventured out into the foam pit where you can learn how to hit a big jump without too much fear of hurting yourself. As the name describes, it is a pit with foam blocks in it. A few tips for this, take your phone, wallet, keys and any loose items out of your pockets before jumping into the foam pit; you will lose them.

Once you’ve progressed from the pit, you can head on over to the ‘resi-ramps’. These are similar to the foam pit in that they have softer landings but still enable you to roll away on landed tricks. Then the next progression is the big box jump complete with stepped up wooden landing. This is where the big guys play!

Ready to drop in the Rampfest Skate Bowl


So, what did Alex think?

At one, no, a few times throughout our time at Rampfest Alex mentioned to me he was having the time of his life! He said at one point, “This is the best place, ever!” I dug a little deeper and snatched a few words of his own. “I like the foam pit and how it has a really good, steep run up. It was awesome watching the pro riders who rocked up just before we left. They were really nice and answered all my questions. Chris is an awesome rider and looks like a great coach. I think next time I’ll get some lessons then try come back heaps more. Compared to other parks I’ve been to, I like how Rampfest is all timber. It has more feel to it and I like that.”

Chris riding BMX at Rampfest Skatepark

Chris Bierton riding at Rampfest.  Photo:@gorakphoto

As Alex mentioned, they offer all types of coaching and on this day, Chris was taking the BMX lessons. The kids were all having a blast and were visibly excited to be learning so much so quickly. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them but I could certainly see difference between when they started to an hour later after the lesson.

More info:

Contact Rampfest
47-85 Hillary St, Braybrook, VIC 3019
(03) 9311 3998 

Single Session (3 Hours) $18.00
All Day Session $25.00
Ramp Kids Session (1 Hour) $12.00 (Kids under 10 y/o)

Skate, BMX or Scooter Coaching
1 Hour Lessons start from $34.95

More information on their website.

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